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How to manage/reduce scar tissues after circumcision surgery?


I am 13 days post surgery. Most of the stitches are gone. Swelling reducing but

still there. Feeling better.

Things bothering me are

1. Significant scar tissue formation along the cut. I understand a ring would

be there along the cut for lifetime. But there are small swelling like ridges where

the stitches were. Is this normal? Will it vanish with time or remain like that?

I had a ACL surgery 14 years back and the effective way to manage/reduce

scar tissue is massaging the scar. Anyone has used scar massage for circumcision surgery? What technique do you use?

I think managing/reducing scar and swelling is most critical to ensure rapid healing.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome.

Take care.

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13 days is quite early but Aloe Vera or Coconut Oil are supposed to help

It will take perhaps six months for your answer. Some adult circumcisions leave ridges and suture tracks.

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