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Penis crooked and feels like missing flesh under skin

I am 27 year year old male who has masturbated for about 15 years. I noticed how my penis was getting crooked at the tip (inch or so) and felt small hard line(s) or pieces under skin. It has been so for years and I kept forgetting it, then worrying, then forgetting. Now it feels like the tip itself is a bit separated from rest of the penis as I touch and under it, between penis and the tip, is kind of lower line/castle moat/like I can sense flesh is not smooth down there, line being pressed into it. I tend to do it through clothes, pushing on the tip. Is this what caused it? I don't have erection issues. Will it cause problems later? And main thing - can I get cancer from this? I keep hearing testicles get, but nothing about penis.

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Seems unlikely to be a significant problem, but you should see your GP to discuss.


Really? Thank you! I know I have to go see a doc, but the waiting times are quite long where I live, so any info I can get until then would ease my nerves. Fear of death or loosing my penis wear me down...


Your anxiety over this is ridiculous . As you say you have been aware of a problem for years and yet never sought advisor. If you are worried about death, why haven't you made an appointment?

Penile cancer is virtually unheard of at your age and if you are really worried and don't want to wait for your doc you could always go private and be seen in a few days.


Your case is not understood. Get it examined by an urologist


Hi Oderko,

Sounds like you might possibly have the start of Peyronie's disease, but book an appointment with a GP just to double check.

It's worth a few minutes of embarrassment for peace of mind.


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