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Hypersensitivity after Circumcision


First of all, much love & appreciation jaglad for starting this post. It’s been exactly 2 weeks since my circumsion. First week was a living hell, I couldn’t walk due to the extreme hypersensitivity that I had. Honestly, it got me depressed since I had to stay in bed all the time. The sensitivity starting going down at day 8. It’s still bothers and it can get painful with awkward touches. Daily I wrapped my penis in gauze with lots of neurosporin around the head. This helps a lot & makes be able to walk. I’m 28yo I had this surgery due to Phymosis. I’m petrified if this sensitivity doesn’t get any better. @jaglad have you got any improvement on ur sensitivity? How long was been for you now?

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Wait and relax. It will be adjusted and you will feel ok

I wonder why so many men elect circumcision when so many alternate treatments are available.

Sorry bit late for this but in answer to your questions.

The pain does get better and do take painkillers when needed.

My best advice is to try and reduce movement as much as possible, wear tight pants for as long as needed.

It does get better.

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