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Crust and dryness on head of penis


I’m on day 12 post op and it’s been going well I just have the problem of getting dryness on my head which gets crusty and just looks gross. Typically what I do is apply a lot of Vaseline on the head after I shower but throughout the day and later at night I start to feel the dryness and crust comeback. I do sleep naked however and usually have my penis exposed in the house. Does this have an affect on the dryness ?

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After healing well it will stop to be dry. Mine was like that too. It was constantly dry until it healed and its okay but keepin mind that now it will always look a bit dried. Its normal.

Mine is the same as well but not to crusty as you described it. It’s just dried and chapped looking like what your lips would look like. It’s pretty normal when your going through recovery. Having it dry should help the pain on your glands go away.

One of many functions of the foreskin is to keep the head moist, lubricated, and sensitive.

Now that your foreskin is missing, you can expect the head of your penis to dry out and become less sensitive and more crusty as it keratinises.

Your doctor should have informed you of this prior to obtaining consent for circumcision.

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