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Red/white/dry penis head

Hi all,

30 y/o uncircumsized and Ive had a issue for the past few months. The head of my penis has white lines/redness and splotchiness. Ive tried lotion,steroid cream,leaving it alone and nothing. I was tested for stds and nothing as far as I know. Ive gone to a urologist for redness around urethra before but he said it was nothing and normal but now it is spreading and different. See pic even though its hard to see. Thanks for any help

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That looks like scarring overtime.. and the urologist said it’s normal? Did you get a second opinion ?


Its actually all relatively new, like within 2-3 months when I first noticed it. When I went to the urologist that wasnt there just some redness at the urethra opening.


Doesn’t look like yeast, but you might try a yeast cram twice per day for two weeks. Stop the steroid and don’t use soap to wash, just plain water. Clotrimazole is very efffective against yeast.

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Forgot to mention I did try that too... really no change from what I can tell


How long did you treat it, and with what?


For me its not late but it seems to me a bit infection you can get cured by prescribed antibiotics by doctor pls go for second opinion... tabs and cream would help you if some tiem it takes 3 months to get cured


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