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Penis isuues

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Hi all,

I have an ongoing isuue with my penis.

About a year ago I developed a mild rash/ discolouration on my glans penis accompanied by irritation of the urethera (it feels like pee gets stuck in the tip of my penis after urinantion and masterbation)

This occured after having unprotected sex.

I have tried all types of testing and treatments which all come back negative and have not worked in making the issues sny better.

Any ideas on what this may be and how to get back to normal?

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Hey mate, thanks for the response!

First Doc thought it was yeast but all of the creams (about 10 different ones) haven’t been able to crack it, also swabs have come back negative for yeast.

I will give the CO a try, I have used it but not for an extended period.

Have you got any other suggestions to help crack a stubborn yeast infection?



I have tried using oregano and cinnamon oil, how many times a day would you suggest applying. Should I cycle them for a week at a time?

I appreciate the help as it is starting to drive me crazy!

Any other suggestions? Diet? Pills etc?

I have given up on the doctors...



Have tried the coconut oil for over a week now without much change.

Have you got any others ideas?

Getting desperate..

Thanks mate, appreciate it

Yup applying 4-5 times a day and rubbing in as much as I can as instructed..

I will give it another week as suggested and keep tou posted 👍🏻


Hi NOWHARD, still little improvement 😔 new doctor told me nothing is wrong and prescribed me antidepressants 🤷🏼‍♂️

Can I ask what made you think my symptoms were Yeast infection related? I also think it could be yeast but docs are telling me otherwise..

What else could I try? Or do you think I should continue with coconut oil?

Also, you mentioned using a cotton bud, should I be massageing it into the urethera opening?

Thanks for your help as always, your replys give me hope I can actually cure this!


Hi NOWHARD, thanks for the info.

The first doctor I went to (my lifelong GP) thought it was yeast and I went on a 4 month treatment plan of creams (Miconazole and others) and fluconazole once a month, I thought the sensation in my urethera at the end of the 4 months was feeling better (maybe was masked by rhe creams?) so went to revisit but my doc but he had just retired.. 😔

So my new doctor thought 4 months was a lomg time to be on creams so advised to stop everyrhing, after about a week the sensation returned to full annoyance level..

I then went through testing and treatment for various STIs which were all negative and unsuccessful, the result an anoyance level of the urethera at a all time high..

Over the last few months I have treid to go back to the creams and fluconozole but with little releif.. I have seen a few new doctors over this time who all keep telling me there is nothing wrong with me..

All swabs have also shown negative for thrush and bacteria..

So given all of this I am left in a bit of a helpless situation..

Do you think given all of the thrush cream and pills I have taken that it could still be that?

What would you advise I do next?

As always appreciate your advise


It sounds like jock itch to me. Fugacil can make it clear up within a few days of treatment. You should give it a try.

Hi jasonafolay,

Thanks for the reply.

Ive been using many types of antifungal creams including Miconazole and others similar to fugacil over the course of the last 6 months but to no avail 😔 I have also had fluconozole tablets monthly..

Can I ask what makes you think it is fungal?

Any other tips or creams you think would be beneficial?




The salt stings when I apply it but seems to slightly dull the sensation in my urethera afterwards, so I will keep that up for a while along with the CO..

I have noticed that when I apply the salt I can see some white areas in the side walls of my urethera, they turn back red when the salt is not on them I can probably take a picture if helpful..

Is this consistent with a yeast infection?

I was also contemplating trying Boric acid? Thoughts?

I also note that my most recent urine test showed white blood cells but no infection on further testing..

The redness on my penis head hasnt changed at all.

Thanking you as always..


Also when i put the salt water on my penis head the red area becomes far easier to identify...

Cheers, what did you think about the salt reaction? Is that a sign it is working?


Still no real progress with this unfortunately..

Any other ideas mate?

Really just want to get better...



Tried this trick for a few nights now, dont think it is doing anything.. 🤷🏼‍♂️

What other suggestions do you have?

Appreciate the help!

Cheers mate


Can you do urine culture? May be you will get right answer.... i was suffering from same problem balanoprosthitis and then urethritis... balanitis cleared as i stopped eating sugar and some anti biotics... later on urethritis i did my urine culture 3 days ago. And it came up with e coli escherichia which is most common for uti... that bactaria stick in thin layer of wall and hard to get rid of without antibiotics.... m still on antibiotics it has given me much relief... will have to visit urologist again after 20 days...

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