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Fluid in penis


Ever since damaging my penis with The zip on my trousers about a year ago I have developed a scar tissue on the underside of my penis And now my foreskin no longer retracts when soft and when it’s hard so tight it’s painful every time I have sex my penis feels with fluid And the foreskin at the top of my penis becomes sore. do I need a circumcision as there is now XS skin that gets in the way of everything and is affecting sensation and my confidence

Can anyone help


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See a doctor. If the skin has got more tight by the time, it will continue to do so until you can barely pull it down. I recommend circumcision. I was circumcised due to phymosis and its so much better now.

Applucation of Betamethasone ointment or cream for 4-6 weeks combined with stretching should get the scarred tissue to loosen up. Circumcision is a drastic measure to take. Do your best to solve the issue without surgery.

This is difficult for us to assess here. You should ask your GP to refer you to a consulting urologist.

Circumcisions are difficult, destructive operations. Ask your urologist for conservative treatment, if possible.

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