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Is it normal when there’s blood sometimes when I get an erection after circumcision?


It’s been 5 days already since I had my circumcision last Tuesday and every time I would get an erection, it hurts around the stitched areas. Usually it would start bleeding but not always. Is this normal after surgery? I also got a blister from where the foreskin was attached to the glands of my penis which I think is the frenulum. But the doctor had told me about it already so I’m not as worried. It just hurts

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It’s only been five days, it hasn’t fully healed yet so it may bleed a little, as long as its not excessively bleeding. If it bleeds make sure to clean the area.

I got circumsized before 4 months ( still aged 17 ) due to phymosis. I needed around 45 days to fully recover. It is normal to feel pain due to night erections and it is normal to bleed sometimes. Dont EVER try to jerk off until all the stitches have fallen. I had some at 35 day so i got one needle and removed them. You can do that too but only if they are loose or about to fall. Either way dont because your penis will start bleeding. If you need any tips for masturbating now. The easiest way is to use shower gel. I use Nivea for men. People say that it will hurt after it but nothing happens. Just make it quick like 10 mins or even less and wash after this with water (cold or hot, you decide) You will have troubles with doing your typical routine things like walking, running and etc. but it will be okay soon enough!.

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