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Post op day 23 (3 weeks)


Just and update on how I’m getting on feels like everything’s back to normal been back to work this week properly, have only got 3 stitches left but letting them come out on accord, frenulum underneath still needs a lot of healing to go but yeah, happy with how it’s going, can’t feel any sensativity in the head but hopefully I will when sex comes around!

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Chris it's looking great and damn near perfect!✊

And the question is answered; no, your shaft skin was not stitched to your glans, but to what is is supposed to (your reserved inner foreskin). It just looked like it was stitched to your glans, weeks ago. But your glans was slightly embedded in your shaft skin, whereas, it falsely seemed as if you had no foreskin reserved to stitch to.

Way to go fellow!

Chris3108 in reply to Qfellow

Cheers mate thankyou means a lot !

See. All is going well then! Nothing to worry about and seems to be healing nicely. Though I do have one non-circumcision related question.

Your veins on your thighs seem dark purpleish and as if bruised. Have you had that checked out?

Chris3108 in reply to Cipher

Always had it mate got re bad stretch marks

Cipher in reply to Chris3108

Those don't look like stretch marks to me. Have you had anyone look at it or did you always just go along with it because you've had it for ages?

Chris3108 in reply to Cipher

Had them looked at I’m really veiny and my skin is quite thin and yes there stretch marks

Looking good Chris.


Looks good, how are you finding it?

Chris3108 in reply to Hidden

Feeling good

wow congrats bro 😅 i still got a few stitches on me 😭😭😭 but they show signs of coming out soon

Chris3108 in reply to driz

How many u got and you recon

driz in reply to Chris3108

i got like 7 or 8 bro 😭😭😭

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