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Circumcision possible infection?


Hi guys, I got circumcised 2 days ago now and I’ve had little to no pain! I have however had some swelling and me being my I start worrying about every little thing that comes up. Anyways, there’s this part under my scar line that seems really swollen and blue with a bit of yellow as well. Is this normal? I’ve also attached a pic for your reference. Sorry for the graphic content. Btw there’s no fever!

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Yes it is normal that is how my penis looked after circulisum

Thanks for the reply! One side is swollen while the other is not so that’s what kinda made me worry! Thanks for the reassurance though

Looks perfectly normal, the blue is bruising and nothing to worry about and will go away. Two sides can be swollen differently so not a reason for concern either. Some yellowish liquid is normal during the healing process and all you need to do is just keeping your penis clean (rinsing under water, salth/chamomile tea baths). The only time you'd have an infection when the yellowish cloudy liquid has a foul smell accompanied by redness, heat, pain and you're having a fever (sign the body is fighting the infection). Other than that don't really worry about it too much. Looks really well considering it was done two days ago.


Looks normal for the moment.

Bruising and swelling is very common after the operation.

Is the area gets hot and looks infected than speak to a dr but it looks absolutely fine at the moment.

Keep the area dry and as clean as possible to minimise infection.

I found soaking the penis in a sea salt/boiled water solution helped with the healing and reduced the risk of infection.

And icing the area 3/4 times a day with reduce the swelling.

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