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Creams for circumcision scarring


What’s up guys I been circumcised 6-7 months now I’m 19 my scar has healed fairly well but there’s still the little bumps around the surgery and was wondering if anyone knew what kind of creams I could use. I’ve been notified that maderma works very well. Any help would be appreciated thanks boys.

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Yeah, Mederma works fine but you still have to give it some time. It took me up to a year before everything was smooth again. But I can assure you these bumps will be gone after awhile.

The bumps occur where the stitches were located.

Penus in reply to Bucky85

Yes ik but is there anyway to get rid of em with cream or just wait it out

Do you have a pic? Are they from the way your surgeon cut you or from your scar line? The first ones will not go away and the other ones (scar line) will go away with some time. Mederma works fine but you have to be very persistent with it like twice a day for months to see an improvement. It’s a slow process. Have you noticed an improvement from like month 3 to now month 7? If so it means your body is taking care of it too

Bucky85 in reply to Penus

I don't know.

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