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Fabry disease


Ive had a kidney transplant in 2007 but the docs never knew why my own failed in the first place. Last week I was at my 3 monthly appointment at the hospital and the nurse knew I didn't have a reason why my kidney failed as it was on the notes. She said that there is a new blood test to test for fabry disease. I no that fabrys caused by inheriting it from your parents but is this a funny subject to talk about in public. Say if it is fabry disease and some one asked why my kidney fail in the first place and I say it fabry disease where a gene missing. Its not like a sex disease or anything is it?. I no its nothing like STD etc but is it a tutchy subject to talk about in public?.

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I am not sure what the question is. Are you asking how people react to you telling them its "fabry" disease? The general public, including myself, that has limited or no medical knowledge will most likely go "what is that?", though I might be underestimating the general public. So if someone asks you, and you tell them, you will most likely have to elaborate and tell them what it is. People don't generally associate kidney failure with STDs.

Is it a "touchy subject"? Don't think so and you shouldn't really feel bad or embarrassed about it either as there isn't a reason to.

Good luck I hope it turns out well for you.

Do not know much about it, other than it is inherited and do not believe it is any form of STD. So do not worry.

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