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Circumcised still swollen


Hi so I got circumcised 3 months ago, and im still swollen the left side of the circumcision have healed nicely but on the right there still is extra skin, it swollen it feels hard(lumps) and kinda painfull when touching the swollen area. Im getting worried cause its been 3 months and it still hasnt gone away and it looks awfull my doctor said its nothing to worry about but it just dosnt feel right, anyone been thorugh similar? From everyone i've read it says fully healed in 6-8 weeks. But its been 12 and i feel that it still is swollen, painfull to masturbate, and it isint going down please hrlp!! Its like fluid trapped inside the swollen area under the swollen skin u can see on the picture

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I agree - that doesn't look right and you are right to pursue this after 3 months. Is the doctor who says it’s ok the one that did the op? If so, ask for a second opinion. Even if it’s not the same doctor seek a second opinion. Doctors are often quite reluctant to have their work questioned or to question other doctors’ work, but it’s YOUR body and you have the right to feel satisfied with the finished result. The doctor’s perspective may be that you’ve had your foreskin removed as required, what’s the problem? But there has to be an expectation that the finished result is reasonable aesthetically and functionally, but from the attached picture this is not the case - particularly if you are still experiencing pain. Stand your ground and demand answers would be my recommendation. Good luck.

You have to be careful when reading about "fully healed". Usually it refers to the main scar (incision where the skin is stitched together with the shaft) being sealed off and yours looks nicely healed. It takes months for a penis to fully heal from a circumcision and get normal shape/form. Continued swelling happens in quite a few people. That skin that is now swollen used to be protected by the foreskin so is tender and sensitive and on top of that has been cut into and is swollen so all the more sensitive and irritable. Everyone heals differently doesn't mean there is something wrong with you. Remember your doctors has seen way more circumcisions that you have so its naturally for you to freak out. You should trust your doctor, or if you have serious doubts get a second opinion. Most likely it is nothing to worry about and you can calm down ;).


Unusual. Appears to be operated once more

yeh does not look right fella.

it's important when conducting circumcision that you do some background on the surgeon doing the operation, and talk about what the final result will look like and discuss the pros and cons of the varied styles.

the surgeon who did my operation did 7k plus circumcisions so i knew i was in good hands, I also talked about all of the above where he assured me i would see a good result.

get it fixed from an experienced surgeon, i know it's not you want to hear but think of the end goal, you might have to wait a few months unti "they can fix it" due to healing.

I agree with all the other comments that needs looking at but not by a doctor by the urologist who preformed your procedure ideally or another urologist. I’m 7 weeks in and I’m completely fine all healed up no swelling. If your looks like that after 3 months it definitely needs checking with a urologist.

There still is a lot of oedema. I notice that the brownish coloured skin is very tight. That may be causing your oedema if it is interfering with circulation.

You may want to try this manipulation and see if that helps;

Hey I got circumcised 3 months back and I have similar problem as reported by you. Did the swelling went away on it’s own or do you have to undergo further treatment. Please advise. Hoping for a response.

Hey how's your circumcision recovery so far

Hi..I am massaging the spot with Vitamin E and oil...the swelling reduces while massaging and then it comes back after a while. I have weird cuts at the spot as well. I will continue to massage, hopefully everything will be well.

Dexter12 in reply to vicky_sai

Hello, I am also having similar problems. However my swelling only starts following the sharp pain occurrence, which happens either by chance contact or masturbation, and remains swollen for a few days before settling down back to normal.

This is 6 months after circumcision, I thought it would stop happening after 3 months of this but no sign of that happening.

Giogg in reply to Dexter12

Hello Dexter12. I have the same problem. Have you fixed it?

Dexter12 in reply to Giogg

No fix as of yet, but no significant other problems occurring. Waiting to get an appointment at the hospital where it was performed.

Giogg in reply to Dexter12

I have an appointment tomorrow. I'll let you know. We'll fix this, man

Dexter12 in reply to Giogg

Good luck please let me know how it goes

Giogg in reply to Dexter12

I went to the doctor. He said that swelling occurs due to a difficult lymphatic return. It could either last a lifetime or disappear. All in all, nothing to worry about if it is normal when erect.

Dexter12 in reply to Giogg

Interesting, but I did see a similar diagnosis on another thread. Thanks for letting me know and hopefully ours doesn't last forever

Michael123321 in reply to Giogg

Solved now?

What's your update ?

Doesn't look right at all I'm 3 weeks after getting it done and looks perfect and I got frenuloplasty as well


Hi everyone, just giving a 11 month update on my healing and a follow up from my previous post :

So it's been 11 months now since I've had my operation. Now, after intercourse, masturbation or prolonged morning wood, I still get severe swelling (well only severe swelling from prolonged erections, otherwise mild swelling) but it's not just limited to one side any more. The good news is, I've just gotten used to it, there is no pain any more and I don't even notice any discomfort at all. A consultant told me during a check up that it's just body fluid that wanted to go to the foreskin but has nowhere to go now. No pain during anything including intercourse and masturbation, even when done with the swelling.

To summarise, there's no pain or discomfort, even during sexual intercourse, the once it gets swollen it'll last about a day, but honestly I have barely noticed it and I'm living a perfectly fine life with no pain at all or discomfort, despite the swelling still occurring. It's a bit unpleasant to look at, but that's it.

I hope this can provide some comfort to people, and you may even be luckier than me and yours will go away by this time.

So in normal situations, the swelling is not visible?

John12123 in reply to Dexter12

Have any pictures to share?

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