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11 days post-op (photo 1)


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I will post these pics one-by-one in a numbered sequence. All of which are of the 11th day of a full circumcision/frenuloplasty.

This pic is showcasing the healing of my stitched frenulum and dorsal side of my shaft skin stitched to inner prepuce. This area has been swole since day 1 with lymph fluid.

My stitch area that y'all see has ben through the storm! Lol It was a beutiful work done bynmy surgeon in the beginning. Buttttttt the many nocturnal erections, the stitches getting caughton my underwear or gauzes, pulled and snagged on the stitches' ends and would resplit my skin over and over. Some stitches even fell out from the tugging, I pulled 4 loose or annoying-pricking ones oyt last night at work.

My scar tissue may develop kind of thick if it can't finish its healing course, without having to reiterate in an loop of skin rips and breaks. No pain right now, and I just started pouring Hydrogen Peroxide on it yesterday (advice from my physician). Man, that peroxide makes any penis cut, sore, or wound feel so good, and it immediately begins its healing process. I should've used or in the beginning. It is better than salt water because it consists of sterile water in its bottle ingredients. When u make salt water at home, the water may be tap or distilled, but not necessarilly "sterile" which makes a huge difference.

Also, hydrogen peroxide is specifically formulated for the human body's abraised soft tissue and even sensitive enough for our mouth and gums.

***This did the job yesterday of my wound's burning sensation, and bloody spots in an antiseptic and heal-promoting way more-so than my saltwater dips in a cup ever did in 4 days.

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I was told by my doc to put bacitracin around the stitches Did you try that? I thought I read you said you wrapped your penis in gauze and Vaseline but my doc said to keep it in wrapped. Any thoughts?

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