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Penis not getting erected ?


Hello friends,

I'm 26 years old. When I had sex with my girlfriend for the first time I had a normal climax and everything went perfectly. But after this first sex i'm not able to maintain erection and enjoy sex at least for next two days. The issue with the 2nd and 3rd intercourse within one day is the sperm not ejaculating out side and some times the erection suddenly goes off. It's very embarrassing for me to go off suddenly. As we are new couple we wanted to enjoy more sex frequently. Please help me with my issue guys.

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I never had sex before. It was the first time I had sex. But i used to masturbate alot.

You might need more recovery time to attain and keep an erection. Wait theee days to see if that helps.

Mupz in reply to jimfromcalif

After three days with out sex i'm able to do normal sex again. Do you know what are the factors affecting refractory period?

jimfromcalif in reply to Mupz

Age, testosterone levels, use of drugs, alcohol. Lots of factors.

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