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Foreskin tight when penis erect


Hi i recently turned 18 and my foreskin is very tight when my penis is erect. When it's flaccid, it's not an issue at all! I see there's a small cord, very thin, that comes from inside the penis and is connected to the foreskin which is what blocks it since its limited in length and when my penis is erect it isn't long enough to get the foreskin all the way down... I really don't wanna get circumcision... Is there any other cure to this?

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It would be worth trying streching exercises first. The chord you mentioned is the frenulum. Another option which other man have used is phemocure rings but to be honest I have never séen these or met anyonone who used them on me duty as a registered nurse.


Try steroid creams for sometime , ultimately you may have to go for circumcision if it doesn't open with the vaginal lubricant . But without circumcision also mating is not impossible. Only you need to clean the glans during showers

If you don't have issues pulling your foreskin over your penis glans when flaccid it might not require a circumcision and stretching might work as well, though it is best to consult with your urologist (just make it clear you don't want a circumcusion). However I am not certain whether a short frenulum can be stretched as well (since that seems to be what you are describing as the problem). Technically it should be able to stretch but I don't want to say anything that I have no clue about. As I said, probably to avoid harm to yourself, visit your urologist and go through option with your doctor, that might give you some stretching techniques or other methods to help with said issue. Remember, no one can force you to have a circumcision, so you don't have to feel pressured into anything. Though do not let yourself be scared off by some anti-circumcision posters on here either. Try to get as much info as possible about as many options as possible so you can make a well informed decision yourself.

Good luck.


If the frenulum is your problem you can have it removed.

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But in answer to Ng9469420's question about his inability to retract his erect foreskin, a topically applied steroid cream will work wonders!

So, Ng9469420, please do see your doctor.

Topical steroids were not available in my day and when I visited my doctor with symptoms similar to yours, she had no option but to refer me to a urologist for circumcision.

But YOU have the chance to keep your penis intact!


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