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Frenulum/Banjo string removal ***WARNING PHOTO***


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I had my frenulums (banjo string) removed on Wednesday not a full circumcision due to my phimosis. It’s has begun to get a bit painful and smells quite a bit now. I’m washing it about 4 times a day but not sure if it’s possibly infected or if I have just pulled on the stitches as I do wake up with a boner most mornings lol. There is also some redness and a small hole above the stitching. Don’t know if this is right.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Yeah doing what I did before the surgery. Roll it back and washing it with water. I’m also being told to keep it dry so it can scab which it hasn’t yet


Don't wash unless everything is dry. Don't worry for whole , it will subside naturally.But all these rough finishings may bring tremendous joyous sensation to your partner's vazina

Signs of infection are redness, discharge of pus, fever, and offensive smell. Those things are not evident in the image, but you are on the scene and can better judge than any one on the Internet. You do report redness and smell, so perhaps a visit to your doctor is appropriate.

I think you are wise to preserve your foreskin.


If the area is red and hot that’s a clear sign of an infection.

Keeping The area dry and washing the area regularly with boiled water with sea salt really helps speed up healing.

Are you able to keep the foreskin retracted for long periods of time to keep the healing area exposed to some air only the area under the foreskin is warm and damp (the perfect conditions for bacteria) and not really where you want a healing wound.

Hi Rooty, do you have any update photos of your banjo string healed?? I’m booked in next year for banjo removal or maybe partial circumcision, doctor has recommended both

Just do what your body tells you.Looks fine to me.

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