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Uncircumcised but have no frenulum? (Photo attached)


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Hey guys,

I've searched around online a lot but haven't yet found anybody describe a situation quite like mine.

I am a 30 year old and have had quite an active sex life, but there are times that sexual intercourse and oral sex is painful due to my foreskin not being able to fully retract over the head of my penis when I'm erect. There's no issues to do so when I am flaccid so I've been able to keep everything clean but as soon as I try to fully retract my foreskin when erect I end up losing my erection because it is too painful to maintain. I end up just having sex by not fully retracting my foreskin. It seems to work ok but it's not ideal.

The main reason why I think I have this issue is because I have either a very short or possibly better described as a non existent frenulum. The reason why I say it's not existent is because it's nowhere to be seen. I know what one looks like and I know how it is supposed to function but instead of having a frenulum I have foreskin directly attached to the glans right where the frenulum is supposed to be. It's like my foreskin has fused to the underside of the head of my penis. The area where it seems to be fused together is probably slightly more than 1cm across.

It's been like this ever since I was young. In fact I can remember an incident where I suffered a trauma as a boy and I think because of that trauma my foreskin adhered to the head of my penis and it has been that way ever since. At the time of the trauma I was embarrassed about it and so I never told anyone about it and just left it. This was probably not the right thing to do as it now appears that things healed incorrectly and now my foreskin is attached directly to the head.

I'm away from home for the next few months but have decided that I'm going to visit my doctor when I get back home so that he can make a proper diagnosis but in the meantime does anybody have any advice on what I can do to be able to possibly retract my foreskin fully when I'm erect without pain so I can enjoy having sex with it it fully retracted?

I have 1% hydrocortisone cream with me so would it help to apply that everyday to the area where the skin has fused and gently try stretching It to see if I can get the foreskin to pull away from the head? Although honestly when I look at it I don't know how this would work because from my point of view where my foreskin has fused to the head it looks like it's the same skin. I cannot differentiate between the skin that is on the head and the foreskin where it has fused. Hopefully you guys can see what I mean from the photo, which is taken from the underside of my penis where my frenulum is supposed to be. You can see the foreskin has fused to the head and when I try to retract fully in the flaccid state as pictured it pulls the head of my penis quite dramatically.

Right now I feel like I'll never be able to retract my foreskin fully when erect and so I'll have to have a circumcision. I really don't want one, hence the reason why I've not done anything about this for so long. I've just kind of accepted that I have this weird kind of mutated penis that doesn't do exactly what I want it to do. But I'm hoping that someone may have some advice that may help and enable me to retract my foreskin while erect so I can avoid a circumcision.

Any thoughts welcomed and appreciated.


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If you do not have any problem in intercourse it's ok . But as you feel problem in retracting you meet a surgeon, you may require circumcission and a correctin surgery on the frenulum. As this is a sensitive zone, may be you need not touch that zone. Neurologists can say perhaps. But sexual ecstasy feeling is felt at the brain , not at the organ, so probably you can keep things in toto. If you also get pleasure in oral it appears to be normal.

It looks to me like a long-term adhesion - it's as if your foreskin never fully released itself from your glans around the frenulum area. I doubt if your trauma as a boy would cause this, but I'm not a doctor. I agree that you probably won't rectify this yourself but I totally disagree with the idea of full circumcision. If you had a hare lip on your upper lip you wouldn't remove it and certainly wouldn't remove your lower lip as well! I think it should be possible to have a doctor cut through the joined skin and pack it while it heals separate from the glans. Maybe this would be called frenuplasty or partial circumcision.

BexyBoy in reply to BexyBoy

Sorry - I realise you are circumcised already so I guess the trauma must have caused the adhesion, unless it was a botched circumcision. I still think you will need surgery to free it.

Tumeke_Cuz in reply to BexyBoy

Hey thanks for your response. No, I'm not circumcised. The reason I think the trauma had something to do with it is because I can remember as a very young boy I was able to fully retract my foreskin, at least without an erection because I used to do so to clean it. Then I had this accident. I was just being a kid, playing rough and tumble with some friends in the living room of our house when a friend jumped on my butt while I was laying face down on the floor. I remember at the time thinking something strange happened where my penis was pushed into the floor from the pressure of the kid jumping on me. Anyway whatever happened I knew it hurt my penis somewhere near the glans. Then from that day onwards I had difficulty retracting it and most definitely had phimosis because I couldn't even retract it when soft to clean it any more. Initially I think I couldn't retract it because it was sore due to the accident. Then later on it was just stuck. I knew it wasn't working the way it should work but being a dumb kid and embarrassed about a penis that didn't work properly I kept quiet about it and told myself it would come right one day. As I got towards the age of puberty I started stretching and trying to pull my foreskin back so that it would retract behind the head, at least while soft. It took a while but I could see I was making progress and eventually I managed to retract my foreskin fully while flaccid. At the time that happened I thought to myself. Yes my penis is fixed! I made steady progress as I continued to try and retract the foreskin while it was hard but it became clear that it could really only get so far. Where it has adhered at the moment is the way it has been for 15+ years, so I think you are right in saying it looks like a long term adhesion. It never prevented me from cleaning it and it never prevented me from enjoying masturbating or sex. It's just sometimes sexual intercourse and oral sex does hurt when too much force or friction is applied and the foreskin tries to retract fully while I'm erect. I'm obviously concerned about paraphimosis as well so I can't fully relax and enjoy the stimulation and at the times when it does fully retract when I'm erect the pressure causes pain. I think I also have a reasonably tight ring, which as time goes by seems to be getting tighter due to some scarring that has occurred on one side of my penis. I'm not sure how the scarring has occurred, but perhaps it is because of microtears in the skin that have developed during sex and then they have healed as small scars. Anyway the skin has lost some of it's elasticity where it has scarred and now because of that combined with the adhesion I feel like sex is becoming painful more regularly and is likely to cause more and more of these microtears which would make my situation even worse. So it's a cycle I want to stop now before it gets worse and I think the only way to do this properly would be to somehow release that long term adhesion where my frenulum is supposed to be.

I don't want a circumcision and I don't want any surgical procedure done where I am going to lose sensitivity in that area, because even though I don't have a frenulum in the sense that other guys have a frenulum that area is still the most sensitive for me. I would hate for something to cause me to lose that sensitivity.

The idea of a doctor being able to cut through the joined skin and pack it so that it heals separately from the glans sounds like a good one and is what I was thinking might be possible as well. I guess I won't know until I speak with a doctor if that is possible.

BexyBoy in reply to Tumeke_Cuz

Sorry for my confusion - I see your title said clearly that you are uncircumcised, but the picture looked more like a circumcised penis, I guess because you are retracting back as far as you can.

I'm sure this problem can be helped as long as any doctor understands and listens to your requirement that you are left as intact as possible. There may even be more stretching techniques that you could research. e.g. I believe pulling the foreskin foreward and away from the body off the end of the penis works best to stretch the foreskin and to release adhesions between glans and foreskin rather than pulling it back over the penis toeards the pubis, which risks scarring and making things worse.

Tumeke_Cuz in reply to BexyBoy

No problem. Thank you for your suggestions.

I think that you are correct about the incorrect healing of the boyhood trauma.

However, I think that you need to consult a urologist or plastic surgeon about correcting the incorrect healing. I don't think you need or want a circumcision. The foreskin has numerous functions that you would want to preserve.


Tumeke_Cuz in reply to Bucky85

Yes, I agree. Thanks for your input.

Thanks for your thoughts. You might be right, maybe the trauma didn't actually cause this and I just thought it did. I was young at the time so there is a chance that my memory has simply tried to make sense of what happened and what I've explained is the best it could come up with. Maybe my foreskin just simply didn't detach when it was supposed to and I've been left with the adhesion as shown. Anyway because I still have the sensations from the nerves still intact I'm inclined to try stretching which may help loosen my preputial ring enough to be able to fully retract my foreskin while erect. I really don't want to do anything that has a chance of damaging those nerves. I would rather just continue to have sex without it fully retracted if doing something that had the potential to damage those nerves was the only way to get it fully retracted. But I'm hopeful stretching will work!

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