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I’m worried about my size.

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Im currently 17 years old, going to turn 18 in November. I’m am concerned because my penius size is almost 5 inches and I feel like the next time I have sex, I won’t satisfy the girl I’m with. I’m also insecure about it because my last girlfriend said that it wasn’t big and she wanted a bigger size. I searched on the web on “How to make your dick bigger” but unfortunately I am stuck with what I got. The other reason why I’m insecure is because what if the girl I have sex with won’t be satisfied. I can last a pretty good amount of time and know positions that feel great. I’m just concerned on that and i just need some advice from y’all.

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Hey Jonz1, from experience I have come to realize that for whatever reason we always are concerned about what the opposite sex thinks about our manhood. You are a young man and would not want you to go through what I did when I was your age. God made you and your penis the size it is and some one will Love the size of your penis. Fact is some girls do not like huge... Be confident and hope this is helpful to you.

Also Good cunilingus skills are a plus... Eating the kitty. 😛😜😝😋😁

5 inches in normal size , mine is also 5 inches and an older than you more , I have children and the size doesn't matter . Don't worry about it , in addition penis growth is still going and will not stop growing until you reach 20-22 .

You can ask me

Hi Jonz1 yours is around average size like mine. Ladies will be satisfied with that size believe me. The truth of the matter is women don’t like huge dick because it hurts them. Thickness of the penis matters too. You can get a broken penis and the longer your manhood is the more likely you could receive this kind of injury. It is also possible to receive this injury with the size you have. Most men that receive a broken penis normally do so from there partners pelvic bone. Whilst she is on top. Research it. You are better off with the size god made you. You have nothing to worry about. Also You definitely have nothing to be insecure about. I also think most men go through that stage thinking if they are too small or not.

Agree with previous posts, you are average, it is nothing to be concerned about. You may have some more growing to do but there is nothing you can do to change it.

As the saying goes "it ain't what you got it is the way that you use it". To be honest if a girl tells you you are not big enough you probably better off without her. There are 'toys' available on-line which make you feel bigger but these are best kept for 'special' occasions.

Here is some advice I hope you take. Girls want to be in a relationship with someone, The relationship comes with many things such as companionship, partner, dates...etc. Sex is only one aspect of a relationship.

Also another truth is the expectation is flawed/doomed at the start because it implies that bigger is better. But the truth is it only only partially true. Both SIZE and HOW YOU USE IT are important. However size has a minimum value and maximum value. lets say Between 5 and 7 inches is this ideal zone. If you are on the shorter side, girls feel like you are quite not all the way in and they will feel more pleasure if you were bigger. If you are on the upper side it hurts them meaning they do not want you in all the way.

Now if you want a bigger penis there is a lot of stuff on the web that promotes you can get a bigger penis. pegym.com is one example, I do not know if this works since I never tried it but the science behind it makes sense.

Get a new girl. You’re within 1/2” of being average.

Just becuase one person didn't think you were very big, doesn't mean everyone will think the same. We all have preferences in life, particular food toy like, types of film, places you visit, eye colour hair length - your girl might prefer a larger penis. It doesn't mean she is criticising, just stating her preference. Don't let it get to you

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