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Foreskin problems

I’m 22 years and I’m just starting to pull my foreskin back. When I’m flaccid and sitting down I can pull it back without pain, but when I stand up it hurts. I think it’s all the blood going to my head that makes it hurt idk. And I’ve also been using q-tips to help stretch and pulling it back when I’m hard. I’ve gotten halfway so I think I’m doing good. I’m not really asking a question I just need reassurance haha

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Keep up with the stretching, it does take time. I believe cortisone creams help but think these work by stretching the skin so some say this makes your dick thinner ?


Stretching is what you need to do. Just keep at it. It takes a while.


I was the same, after about 4 years of painful sex and multiple attempts to stretch I decided to get circumcised - I do not regret it.


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