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Foreskin to small

Hey I'm 16 and I've ween having issues with my foreskin. I am able to pull it back over the head of my penis when it is flaccid (with a little force), abut when I have an erection my foreskin is stuck over the head. This hasn't really been an issue for me as I thought nothing of it, but now that I have a girlfriend I am afraid that she wont want to give me head BC of this.

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Can you pull back your fore skin at all when you’re erect?


If your girlfriend wants to give you head, then she will, cannot see any reason why this condition would make a difference ?

As you say it is not an issue so do not worry about it. I was well into my Twenties. Unless it causing you real problems, just try gentle stretching and hopefully over time it will loosen up. One word of warning, if having full sex wear a condom. One of the first times I did it without, it pulled back whilst inside and it felt very sore and was quite difficult to pull back up.

Good luck

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At 16, it's quite common for the foreskin not to retract. The good news is that it responds well to frequent repeated applications of tension. You can increase the size of the foreskin opening by grasping it on both sides with your fingers and gently pulling it apart. Do it fou times per day, five minutes each time.


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