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Tight foreskin

Hi all. I'am 20 years old male and I have a problem with my foreskin. I can easily retract foreskin whet it flaccid and wash under skin. Also I can easily retract foreskin when my penis is semi-erected. When I have erection I also can retract foreskin, but with some force. When I have erection, I can retract foreskin only to under the head(glans). When it fully-erected I feel pain under the head, like foreskin is too tight. I tried to stretch foreskin ( about ~1.5 months ), I can see some improvement, but it still tight and it painful under head when I fully-erected. Maybe somebody had same problem? What I can do? It worth to continue stretching?

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Doctors recommend stretching exercises be carried out for 3 to 5 months.

If you visit your doctor he can prescribe some steroid cream which can help with the stretching.

This cream is prescription only in the UK.

Also stretching whilst soaking in a warm bath can help if you haven't tried that already.


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