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Uncircumcised, having trouble reaching climax during sex

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue before and if they have a solution.

Basically the last three times I’ve had intercourse with my partner I’ve been unable to reach orgasm because my foreskin keeps getting pulled back inside the condom (I know you’re meant to pull back the foreskin before inserting but my glans is too sensitive and I can’t reach climax when the foreskin isn’t rolled over the head).

I used to be able to climax because my foreskin was a bit tighter and wouldn’t get pulled back, but now every time we have sex my foreskin rolls down.

I think part of the problem is that there is no movement of the foreskin during sex when this happens, due to the foreskin still being tight enough to get pulled back and not able to come forward again by itself without me applying a force to squeeze it back over the top of my glans.

Please help. This problem is really starting to affect me.


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By the sounds of how you describe it, you may benefit from some basic stretching to loosen up your foreskin and allow it to glide freely backwards and forwards during sex which should stimulate you to orgasm.

You can do this at home by soaking I. A warm bath and pulling it as far back as you can without causing pain, and hold it there for the or so minutes whenever you have a bath or shower.

You can also get a steroid cream, which is prescription only here in the UK from your doctor.

Also try using some lube during sex as this too might enable our foreskin to glide more freely and stop it getting stuck behind your head as you penetrate.

I'm sure this would benefit you.


I would also put my condom over the whole penis without pulling back, and this generally was never a problem. On occasion I would not climax but it was not really an issue. Go with the advice from Daz, stretching and lube. Good luck

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If you glans is to sensitive it hasn’t been out of its skin much has it, your best bet is to pull your foreskin back to have sexual intercourse, after a few times pulled back you will get used to it and find sexual intercourse more intense/pleasurable.

As for your foreskin being tight to pull back I suffered with that also but eventually it got so tight I had to be circumcised.

Just go and see your gp as daz states there are many options available to you regarding tight foreskin.

How are you daz? Everything feeling better down there ?

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Start stretching your opening so foreskin has free ability to glide back and forth. Try condoms with large headroom.

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