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35 year guy penis foreskin won't go down

Hello Everyone,

I am a 35 year old guy who is married. My penis foreskin does open up and goes a bit down but not enough to expose the complete head.

I do have sex and masturbate and never had any problem. However I have never been able to ejaculate inside my wife. I showed myself to a doc and he said try stretching it and see to it that you are able to expose your glans. If you cannot do then circumcision may be required.

He told me to apply johnson baby lotion on the head and exposed area when penis foreskin is down and then sleep. In morning while taking shower clean it and try retracting the foreskin.

What do you guys say ? is applying that cream okay.


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You will do better with a steroid cream. Hydrocortisone is available over the counter but you would need a doctor script for the normal one which is betnovate. This cream willl help allow the skin to stretch


Your doctor is medically qualified. Most guys here are curiousand interested. Wouldyou do the same if they told you that you had a brain tumour? Follow his advice first.


Most of what you say does make sense and lotion or cream may help.

I could never retract my foreskin fully either and had to have a circumcision for other reasons at age 52. Not being able to ejaculate inside your wife could be a cause for concern. This is the issuer I would try an address first.

Good Luck


Thank you for replying.

The penis head is a very sensitive area and not like body skin. Thus I was apprehensive when I was told that I can apply baby cream there. Even though as per my research on web there are other creams better suited for this kind of problem. Steroids that make skin less things and aid gliding down. I thought somone with more info on this could point me in the right direction.


Hi guys. The advice I got was to pull back my 4 skin whilst in a warm bath. My 4skin is now permanently retracted behind the head of my penis so I look circumcised.


Not sure foreskin should be permanently retracted ?


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