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Prostitus or something else??

I have had this ongoing issue for at least 7 years, have seen several urologists and been on several rounds of anti-biotics (with minimuml results) I am hoping if I explain in detail what’s going on, Someone, somewhere can at least tell me if I’m barking up the right tree.

So, about 7 years ago I was diagnosed with prostatitis it was if overnight I developed premature and painful ejaculation(like I could ejaculate befor fully hard weak erreection and weak urine stream. I was put on Cypro for six weeks and saw mild result my errection was a bit stronger and didn’t have as much trouble peeing the problem was I never was back to normal This has now gone on for years and at one time about 3 yrs ago I experienced a two week time period where I was normal (full errection, no premature enaculation and a strong forceful orgasm) this later a week or so and then... back to square one

I have had several rounds of anti-biotics I have no bactirea in my urine my prostate is not swollen , and yet here we are years later with no answers I want to outline my current symptoms in hopes of getting guidenxe, any insight would be helpful

1. Weak errection

2. Weak ejauculation ( no praises) and always feels like some slope drips

Outs afterwords if I am in my wife it is painful out still painful just not as much

3. Sweaty ass

4. Hot scrotum

5. Weak urine stream

6. Some sort of yellowish anal leaking post ejaculation

7. Ejaculation while still soft.

8. Cyallious and viagra do nothing for my weak errection or premature ejaculation

I am really hoping for some insight here. If this is protatitus fine I guess but not knowing is killing me

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That’s really helpful to him isn’t it if you’ve got nothing but useless bullshit to say don’t say anything at all 👍


Than you for your response Ryanr. I just reported it a chalked it up to immaturity.

Thanks again


Sounds like you’ve got a number of things going on have you had urine tests for infections ?

Also if you have a weak flow you could have a small urethra one of my friends was suffering with similar problems with no answers for years but recently underwent surgery to have his urethra stretched and he’s now working fine.

I don’t know the exact medical terminology of it but but it’s the opening of the bladder the hole shrunk to 1mm caused by trauma or scarring from a previous bladder infection.


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