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Circumcision post op experience

Circumcision post op experience

12 days ago i had a circmcision. Since a young child i have suffered from not being able to withdraw the foreskin and intercourse resulted in skin splits and pain. After years of splits healing, skin inserting on the glans and skin thickening i built up courage to share my experience with my GP. This is 45 years after realising i had a problem. After referrals i reached a top urological surgeon and had a circumcision. I dont think anyone can prepare a male for this.....! I woke from a general anaesthetic numb and dazed. The pain block i was given seemed to be working but to be honest, when it wore off i managed perfectly well on paracetamol. I had no dressings but was given a 21 day antibiotic ointment course to complete and keep infection away.

I bought fleecy jogging trousers and soft pyjama bottoms - no tight underwear. 12 days on i still have a yellowy green sticky substance around the penis. The stitching seems to be ok but in the area beneath the tip there is a small open wound and toileting results in a heavy stinging. The area still bleeds very slightly and as it sits at the point where the glans meets a vertical stitch line on the shaft (stitch line about 2cm along the shaft).

Twice a day i bathe the area with a saline solution before drying and applying the cream. When i have done this, things feel much better.

Sleeping isnt easy and the glans is incredibly sensitive. I cant avoid erections but i have to control them because it hurts!

I am scared to bathe although i feel to do so in salt water would feel better and reduce the risk of infection. I am however scared about dissolving stitches early.

I had no dressings, no real advice other than the generic leaflets about anaesthetic etc. No male goes through this twice so we are all unaware what to expect.

Any advice welcome.

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I found tight underwear is better for me as the penis is supported and doesn't move around much unlike in loose underwear.

What I also did was cover my penis head in a gauze that had vaseline on it. It protects the head from direct friction with vaseline but still "trains" it a little for the new direct touch experience.

As for the yellowish substance, unless you have severe pain, redness, and fever too it part of the natural healing process. It can however dry and create that crust that might be annoying on a sensitive glans so what I did was trying to keep the head dry and clean it after every toilet usage. Just running it under water or pouring water over it helps. Always keep the wound clean.

As for salt/herb baths ... you can dip your penis in a cup/glass of some salt water / herbal water for 3-ish minutes that might help healing. You want to avoid extended times in water for the first week or so, after that it should be ok as your stitches are already starting to fall out/ dissolve around the time that you're in. So taking short "baths" (your penis in a cup/glass with the water, not you having a whole body bath).

With the erections, pain itself usually causes it to go down quicker, but also try to think of a scenario that would help you get it down even sooner. For me it was imagining "sticking" my dick in a pile of snow :D and it helped a lot to get it down quicker.


Thanks. Your reply is very reassuring. I have just ordered some unusual underwear from Amazon and a couple of swimming pouches - i read that this device is good for providing some comfort from rubbing clothes.


I am just over a year on and would largely agree with the advice from Cipher. It does get better


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