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Post-Circumcision hole in foreskin

Hi all

Wondering if anyone has experienced this as haven't found any similar things on this forum or on the various online guidance:

Basically I have a 1cm across hole in the foreskin a few mm down from the stitchline on the topside of the penis. I am on day 15. When I removed the first gauze, this was initially just a black spot that I assumed was dried blood, but when I washed it around day 5, it left a small crater through which you can see clean through to the penis. My current approach is to let it scab over and I'm hoping will heal given time, but I was wondering if anyone had experienced anything similar. To be clear, it's not one of the smaller stitch holes.

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It sounds like the wound has broken down,but usually heals well eventually.

Are you able to post a picture?


Have the doctor look at it.


A 1 cm hole is quite big for that part of the body. It might have happened that some of your stitching broke and might need restitching, that is usually up to the doctor, sometimes its needed and sometimes it is not, better check asap with your doc to make sure it heals properly.


I would see my doctor immediately if this happened to me.


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