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Swollen around stitches after circumcision

Hi guys, I did the half circumcision and I cut the calf 9 days ago. I have noticed that the area between the stitches is getting quite swollen during the day (mainly in the right side and in the back left) and especially if I am out and about. It's like bubbles in the between the stitches. If i could draw it it would be something like that O..O..O (where the dots are the stitches) whereas in the left-back side is more consistent like oOOO.. The only thing I m doing right now is washing the area with chamomile for 5-10 minutes every morning and night. Do you have any suggestions? Is this something i need to worry? I have heard that bentantin (antiseptic) washes may help as well. Thoughts?

Thank you in advance!

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Just be patient and it will all heal up well

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Don’t wash it with anything other than water your probably doing it more harm than good I got fully circumcised 5 weeks ago and it’s healed up extremely well I didn’t listen to any of the bs bathing in salt baths nonsense. Quick showers keep it as dry as you can.

As for the bubbles between the stitches that’s either the stitches dissolving or you’ve got an infection it’s best to visit your gp to be sure.


Thank you! How many days does it take for the stitches to be dissolved?


Mine took 4 weeks but they started around the 3rd week.


Swelling around that area is normal and will pass in time. I very much doubt its an infection as that is accompanied by fever, redness, white/yellowish puss and pain (not only when touching but constant). Salt / herb baths are not bullshit as they help healing faster. Just because he healed without it doesn't mean it doesn't help. Everyone is different when it comes to healing, salt/herb baths help. But by bath understand dipping your penis in a cup with said salt/herb liquid not submerging your whole self in a bathtub.

However I wouldn't go for as long as 10 minutes ... 3-4 minutes is enough as you don't want your stitches to dissolve prematurely. 9 days is still way too soon to be hoping for everything looking good. Your penis went through a shock so give it time to settle. Most likely everything is alright and it will settle down in time. First two weeks suck terribly.


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