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Diagnosed with Auto-Immune Disease, Glassy shiny Penile head and UTI

Hi Everyone,

I would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone of the forum staff and users a good health and success in their life. My sincere thanks to all who have been helping me out in my previous posts over past 7 months.. I am grateful to you all..

I don't know If I would be able to complete this post with all my problems but I'll keep it short and concise to make it readable.

1) I was diagnosed with Hashimoto auto-immune disease. From what I recall, auto-immune diseases have impact on HIV test results so retesting is needed at 6 months to 1 year, yes or no?

Thing that surprised no one ever advised me to test for Antibodies for this disease.. As per the level of my anti-bodies I have had this disease over 2-3 years :(

2) My Penis is still red, glassy, shiny and feel extreme stinging sensation near pee hole. Urine is Still Dark - I have been drinking water from over 6 months overly..It was never like this.

3) Urine culture shows UTI - Bacteria or what not? Doc has no clue and said take "nitrofurantoin" for a week x2 daily. I am on fifth day no help..

4) I am tired with everything, spending all of money got ripped off at private clinics as I wanted to avoid provincial wait time which is about 6 months as they say I am not going die soon so they prefer people who are in extreme condition..

5) I am seriously on floor over last few days with all this but somewhere my mind has been captivated with all sexual drives inside.. I didn't wanted to engage in sex so I chose to go see Masseuse and receive several HJ's. I don't know what am I doing any more on one side I feel like I should run away far somewhere and if death is my destiny then be it.. on the otherside, I feel like do everything that I wanted to do if its sex, sadly as I don't have a GF my only option is seeking for pleasure through CSW or Adult clubs..

I don't even know what I am writing in this post.. It has to end here may be..

Thank you.

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Hasshimoto's throiditis is not serious and certainly not life threatening. My understanding was that it only affects your thyroid resulting in under activity and nothing else. So I don't think your other concerns are relevant to this diagnosis.

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Hi josh. Randomly going through the net last night and came across your thread. I've been going through virtually all of your symptoms but mine started last November time randomly, firstly diagnosed with gastritis. Every day since having stomach pains in November they've not left me and also send pulsating episodes that last random amounts of times into the right side of my testicle and inside my penis what are a bit intense. Other symptoms are kidney twinges now and then, strange chest feelings (feels like inside your chest is tickling inside what could be anxiety as I get that now and again), also get bum itching now and then and also have dark pee in the morning and yellow through the day and don't change get even though I drink lots of water.

Went and had my full std checks and bloods today, the doctor told me there looked like no std problems all looked normal, also for the bloods she told me that my symptoms don't sound like things will come back with anything wrong, if they did she'd be very shocked. She said mine sounds gut related. Gotta wait 3 weeks for results.

Getting on to stomach related, how are you getting on with the auto immune? I spoke to someone not too long ago that has that and she told me it can happen to anyone at anytime, normally it gets triggered off by a traumatic event or a death of someone etc. She also told me that she had to go on a paleo diet and its helped a lot. Anyways let me know how you're getting on as everything you've had is so similar. All the best!

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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share my about my health status with you all - as it has been quite sometime - well, its been one year and new things are being diagnosed every now and then. Recently being the H Pyrlori infection. I have been given a regimen combo therapy which involves taking 10 pills inaddtion to my auto-immune pills. In total I take 12 Pills each day. Some of the pills are really getting on my nerves such as Amoxicillin 500 mg * 4 times = 2000 mg and others with 500 mg * 8. I don't know the conseuqences but one thing that I clearly feel is really bad energy inside, burning, sweating heavily and bad dreams. I feel ashamed of my acts I don't know if I got it from previous acts.

Wish you all a good health.



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