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research on links/cancer

I've heard that prostate cancer in those below 40 (or even 50) can be very aggressive, is that right? And often it is only discovered in the later stages and therefore more difficult to treat? Surely though, if it is that aggressive then the men who have got it at this age would have realised something is wrong and gone to the doctor straight away?

Also what is the actual low down on the link between jerking off and prostate cancer. There is inconsistency here. Most research indicates that regular m*****bation at any age can help with the health of the prostate and even prevent cancer, however a 2009 report states - " Frequent m*****bation in young men is linked to higher risk of early prostate cancer, but it lowers prostate cancer risk for men in their 50s, a study shows. High levels of male sex hormones, or androgens, may increase a man's risk of prostate cancer."

I know there are experienced people on here so I would like to know the truth behind this.

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The most recent study was from Boston and showed that increased frequency of ejaculation (with sex or masturbation) reduced the riskof ca prostate, for men in the 2 groups testes - aged 20-29 and 40-49. They were studied over some 18 years


about 20% reduction for those ejaculating 21 times per month compared with 6 times permonth.

Interesting that the 2009 UK study suggested frequent masturbation in young men increase the risk - They only looked at some 400 men who had developed ca prostate before the age of 60 and it was a retrospective study, whereas the boston one started in1998 and was prospective and involved some 32,000 men so is likely to be of better quality.

Other studies seem to support this view


Certainly those developing ca prostate at a young age find that it can develop and progress very quickly. Often they may have few symptoms initially and by the time they are symptomatic the disease may have altready spread outside the prostate and so is difficult to treat- However it is fairly rare in those under the age of 50

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The Boston study then is more accurate. Yeah not sure how the UK one came up with that, when all other studies and research point to positives of jacking off.

How exactly though does this happen? What's the reasoning behind it as to why it may prevent cancer? It is because it regular flushes out the toxic chemicals?


No one knows but that is a possibility


Probably find because in younger ages it's more rare so a different type as probably has an outside influence rather than normal genetic in older males

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