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7 days

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Im 28 yrs old, im on day 7, my doctor said i must take 2ltr and boil it using a pot and pour a cup of a salt. And said i must use that mixure everyday to wash to soak my penis 5 times a day, soak it for 15min inside the water and compress it very hard with a towel to absord that water, and since then im healing fine and even when i get erections its not that painfull...but hey the comments that I hace read they really helped me.

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It's looking good, for day 7! Great that you're healing so well and good that you've found some advice on this forum to be of use. It's what it's for. Thanks for taking the trouble to post and give your feedback! All good wishes.

That much washing sounds excessive but if it working carry on. You say the Doctor said to compress it hard to absorb the water, I found this painful and just dabbed dry. Do you find compressing painful ?

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It was painful but hey its Dr's instructions, and after two days i ddnt follow them too, i just washed it out side 3times a day and dabbed, not because it was painful but i found it as lot of work

Did you mean your doctor - or just interested friends?

I cannot believe the instructions you were given!

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User7077 in reply to Islaywhisky

Doctor gave the instructions

No harm in confirming Doc's instructions but sounds like you did the right thing.

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