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Gooch Rash after circumcision


I had a circumcision two weeks ago and all appears to be healing fine. Just waiting for these stitches to start falling out.

I do though appear to have a rash or soreness on my gooch. It’s incredibly itchy and started to cut the skin.

My question is has anyone else experienced this after circumcision? Or are the two unrelated.

Thanks in advance.


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I have experianced this but am prone to dry skin, especially on gooch, it'll calm down, try avoid itching as will make worst, harder said then done though.

I personally use insect bite cream as it help calm down the itch if it gets too much.

Hope you get it sorted


I had a boil come up on my groin it was extremely painful and sore it popped the other night and I’m back on antibiotics for the second time this month 😂


Thanks Gents. Believe it’s Intertrigo so as you both sort of say don’t antagonise the area and keep it dry. Should go on it’s own accord.


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