Small bumps under shaft (pic attatched)

Small bumps under shaft (pic attatched)

Hi in 17 and havent fully gone through puberty yet. Im embarassed to go to a doctor because im so small but ive had these small bumps for a year now, they are really small but there are lots of them and are more prominent when i am erect,they have never itched or irritated me but i dont want to have sex because im scared of infecting my partner and i am too nervous/embarassed to see a doctor pls help

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  • Looks completely normal.

  • Nothing to worry about - looks completely normal. Be careful and take precautions though if you intend to have sex - you're still very young.

  • Nil to suggest any concern. These are probably small sebaceous nodules - very normal

  • Looks normal. But show a doctor whether Herpes there or not ?

  • All looks normal. But if you really are concerned do not be embarrassed. Doctors have seen it all and size is in the eye of the viewer.

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