Penis problems

Penis problems

I think I need to be circumcised but I'm scared to see a doctor as I don't like hospitals and I don't think my penis as grown to the average size, I'm 25 and got a girlfriend. I don't let her come near me in that section as u can see why. What can I do? It's really making me depressed and anxious I'm just locking myself in my flat and pushing my family away. Any advice please

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  • You need to see a doctor. Your doctor will be able to tell you if you need to be circumcised. At your age, it is just between you and the doctor, you don't have to tell your family if you don't feel comfortable to.

  • Thanks I book an appointment straight away I've been scared to see a doctor for many years but then I thought it would form properly on its own

  • Yep see a doctor. I had similar issue and had done 6 weeks ago. Best thing!

  • Hello fella. I really don’t see anything wrong with your penis. Yes the gland is covered but that’s what its meant to look like. Can you elaborate. I guessing the foreskin does retract, even if it doesn’t fully retract that’s still ok. At 25 you should be enjoy sex fella, don’t over think it just let your girl break that penis in ( looks like and engine that needs breaking in to me)

  • You only need to be circumcised if, even with medical help, you cannot pull your foreskin back over the glans. First step in any event is to get in to see your doctor. Not only will that begin to address any physical problem that may exist but will also give you the confidence you need to become more social again.

  • I agree with the other replies. I don't see anything wrong here. Can you retract the foreskin fully/partially ? I was very similar at your age, but was 'cured' by a lady getting vigorous on top. Quite painful at the time, but it did the trick! Don't rush into circumcision- there are many posts here talking about loss of sensitivity and post-op complications. First thing though is visit the doc and get an accurate opinion on whether or not you have an issue at all. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks I can't retract it at all but I see a doctor anyway

  • how did it go

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