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post circumcision problems

hi guys,

my name is lee and I am 9 weeks post circumcision, all seemed to be normal after the stitches dissolved and the swelling went. then I found out that the sensation during intercourse was not as it was before. and as a result I am having trouble ejaculating. which is destroying my wife's confidence as she thinks it is something to do with her. any help would be appreciated

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Just be patient and work on your relationship as it will all settle down in time and it is still very early days.

If you want to spend money you could go and see a psychosexual counsellor, but it will all settle with time.

How long - well I would guess a couple of months

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It will all be ok in the end Lee. The sensation feels different and you will get used to it with time. Try different positions, you may find one that just hits the spot. I found the doggie position best for me at first.


Yup, I have to agree with you, the sensation is definitely different post Op and for me not as good as before. But the fact that I had less sensation meant I could last longer, which usually pleased 'The Mrs' . But things will improve as others have suggested. Experiment and enjoy !

Good luck


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