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Delayed puberty

Hello, I’m a 16 and 1/2 year old male and I haven’t really fully hit puberty yet.

I have armpit hair and pubic hair but my penis and testicles haven’t really grown to an adults size yet. My penis is really small when it’s soft which is embarrassing.

This is tough for me as I am interested in girls and they’re interested in me. I want to have sex but my penis isn’t adult size yet so it is hard for me. I look young aswell.

I had a growth spurt in the last year and grew from about 5,11 to 6,2. But I’m just really lanky. When will my penis grow????!!!

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Yes you are a little later than most, but are on the way and you just have to be patient. It will all happen over the next couple of years


Do you know how quickly penis growth can happen? I really need it to happen in the next few months......


It will probably take a couple more years and you will have to accept that as there is nothing you can do about it.


Okay. But how quickly do you think it will take my penis to grow to a substantial size?


As I keep saying probably 2 more years, so when you are 18


Hi Dylan,

Hope you're well.

A couple of points immediately struck me when I read your post, and Goldie's excellent replies.

Firstly you say your penis 'is small when it's soft'. Guess what? Quite a few men have a penis that is small (whatever that means?) when it's soft; but you don't penetrate with a soft one! Are you concerned about the size of your erection? So many men of your age - and older - fixate unnecessarily on their 'size'. Realise that it is difficult to judge objectively when you look down at yourself. Are you possibly a little overweight? That too can give a false impression. But in truth you really don't need to be huge - or even average - to be a great lover.

Secondly it is unfortunate that we live in a society that has forgotten how to wait; we want everything we desire - and we want it all now. Because I was a very late developer physically I learnt the hard way that our bodies don't operate in that way, so believe me I can relate to your anxiety. Bodies develop at their own speed and in their own unique allotted timescale. For that reason it is pointless to say you really need it to happen in the next few months. Anyway, ask yourself truthfully. Why do you? What's the rush? Believe me, there will still be girls a-plenty for you in one or two years' time - or whenever. Waiting never hurt anyone, which is not what you wanted to read, I'm sure, but it's the fruit of my experience and what I believe to be true.

Be patient; be happy and be grateful for the penis nature has given you and you'll be just fine.

All the very best, Dylan!

Peter A


The thing is everyone is different, and many aspire to be something that they are not. Men of all ages are often taken in by what they see in Adult films and books but this is not real. The actors are not employed for their acting ability ! Do not stress about it, enjoy what you have. As you will find out it is usually a case of it "aint what you do it is the way that you do it " !

Good luck


It will grow when a girl touches it

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it can also depend on when you started puberty. If you started at 12 or 13 it could go till you're 18. Nothing to worry about for now . If you want see an MD perhaps he could give you advice.


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