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Was circumcised a week ago (last Wednesday), healing is going pretty well now, however I think a couple of stitches have come out?

So I was circumcised last Wednesday, the last week has been pretty shitty with the recovery however I feel I have turned a corner now, swelling has gone right down and bleeding less. I noticed today that a few of the stitches on the right side are missing. There is a small gap when I pull it back a little but its not a gaping hole. I am keeping it clean, but am worried that they may have come out too early and it will scar weirdly. Is this too soon is it worth me going to the GP?


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I had similar thing with regards to stitches and I just kept it really clean and used Vaseline as well on it whilst healing. now nearly 4 weeks gone and healing really well. I don't seem to have weird scarring but if it is bothering you always useful to go to doctor to get it checked for peace of mind.

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Agree this is quite common and it virtually always heals well


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