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Been Circumcised over a year and still some niggling sexual problems

Wasn't sure if this was the right thing to ask my GP about or not:

I was circumcisied summer 2016 and have been in a relationship since November of that year. Generally my penis is ok with intercourse now, but if we ever change things up, or I just masterbate (even with lube) the scare line can get soar for a while after. Condoms prevent to much rubbing but if I masterbate, get a blowjob or do anything a little more vigorous it still doesn't feel quite right, and gets soar after.

It's also getting really difficult to talk about this to my girlfriend, she has been very sensitive about any sexual problems I've had in the past, even though I never meant to be critical of her at all. I'd perform allot of oral on her but I don't know how to guide her blowing me without making things weird.

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This doesn't sound much of a problem and just talking to your girlfriend about it is the way forward.


I guess partly I just wanted to ask other people who've been circumsised if they've experiences similar pains this far into having it done. Most threads I read people claim to have no further issues beyond 4 months and reading that alarmed me


nothing to be alarmed about. Just get on with living!


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