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Severe pain & Large lump on right testicle

Hello everyone!

I'm a 16 year old male, I've had problems with my testicles for a while, Before i had two tiny balls on both Left and Right testicle, The size of the ball is hard to explain but a good comparison would be to a Millions Sweet (It's candy), here is a link to what the size of those candy's are: sweetgreetingsshildon.co.uk...

Anyhow, I just brushed it off and ignored it. Today i woke up with a severe lump on my right testicle, it is severely painful. When I walk, it's sore, when i change, it's sore, bath, shower, all very painful. I want to feel around my testicle more to see if i can feel anything else but that lump is just far to painful to even go near it. What can it be? Thanks.


(P.S, I live with my mother still, and can't ask her to make me an appointment because of embarrassment)

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Hi Ryan,

I could be anything, it may be a cyst or it may be something else but the best thing for you to do will be speak to your GP about it, they have seen everything before, there is no need to be embarrassed about it! Your mum is there to support you, if you’re worried speak to her about making you an appointment, there is nothing embarrassing about these things!

I hope you get this sorted soon,



Ryan, you can make the appointment with the GP yourself - you don't need your mum to know (although I'm sure she would be supportive if you said anyway). Don't delay because of embarrassment - make the call today.

It probably is ok, but there's a chance it could be something that needs addressing and if so, early intervention is always better.

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Hi Ryan,

It is very likely epididymitis. It is an inflammation in your epididymis. Don't be embarrassed about it, it is just a common disease in your age. You need to make an appointment with your GP as soon as you can. It can be treated with antibiotics for days or weeks. You can also use herbal medicine called diuretic anti-inflammatory pill to cure it. Be sure not to delay.

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