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My husband has a slightly painful lump in his left testicle and although he does not seem concern I am. I have done some research and it is not attached to the tube but attached to the testicle itself. I have asks xhim if it is painful and he said that it is occasionally. It has only appeared in the last month or so, and the other day after intercourse he was in so much pain that he could barely walk. He has no pain in his stomach or back but he complains about sweats, chills and a "rank taste" in his mouth.... I'm quite concerned so any and all advice will be appreciated... Oh and might I add that he has refused to see a Dr in over 12 years...

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The bloody big Nancy, he needs to go and see a dr and let's hope that if it's a she and drop dead gorgeous doctor, he will wish he had gone earlier to see a bloke dr, lol.

All jokes put aside I think GP asap because if it is something ?


When I was 12 I found a lump on my left testicle just at the top which really worried me (no pain just a lump which was only noticeable when lying down) took me ages to get the courage to tell my mum as my dad wasn't around. She took me to the GP who sent me for an ultrasound. In the end turned out to be nothing to worry about, never did get an explanation to what it is but it doesn't bother me at all and I'm 26 now.

You should book him a GP appointment and make him go. It must be bothering him even if he doesn't admit it.

A good GP will send him for an ultrasound all being well it will put your minds to ease. Please keep us up to date with any news.

All the best :)

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I agree. Although most are simple cysts, there is always concern about cancer so he should get an ultrasound scan to clarify


No option .... book him in and tell him afterwards.


He needs to get it checked to be on the safe side. It is very likely epididymitis. I had epididymitis for 4 months and it was induced by long-term prostatitis. The infection was cured by a Chinese medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. His problem will be resolved if the exact cause is found.


Could be hydrosil .Show it to a surgeon


Definitely need to see a doctor.


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