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Increasing Sensitivity After Adult Circumcision

Hi there, new member and first time poster!

A few years after circumcision and sensitivy has diminished when having sex. It is frustrating as myself and my wife are trying at the moment however this can prove to be the obvious stumbling block.

Anyone got any advice on ways to increase or prolong limited sensitivity?

Thanks a million

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Do you have diabetes at all, some illnesses can play tricks on people, apart from that mine was done almost straight after birth, I'm glad to say.

I hope you find the answers to your Questions.


Extend foreplay . Sensation happens in brain , not in the penis .


I agree. I would be surprised if a nice unhurried tantric massage didn't help. It does with me anyway! It's certainly worth a try . 🤗


I never tried tantric healing. Would like to learn from you


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