Phimosis at 19

Hi everyone, for some time now I've been worried about my penis. I have done some research and found out I have phimosis (my foreskin is too tight therefore it will not retract fully). I researched more on how to fix this and out of a surprisingly wide range of options I've decided to start stretching the foreskin..what I am asking is, has anyone been through this and has successfully stretched the foreskin and stopped phimosis from happening?

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  • ReeceUk124,

    I kno what your going through. Same thing with me too.

  • How long ago did you go through this?

  • Still going through with it. In time it takes awhile for the skin to be stretched.

  • Have you noticed any changes or do you think a lot more time is needed?

  • Yes I have noticed changes. I mostly do it in the shower and when I pull the skin back it gets easier to pull it and it won't hurt or feel as tight. And for timing that's all up to you. You can try and use lubricants to help out and maybe do stretches like 2-3 daily.

  • I jus sent you a message.

  • Thank you very much, this has helped me a lot and knowing I can sort it out myself is great. No reason to stress about it again, thanks again:)

  • If you purchase some hydrocortisone cream it will resolve quicker

  • Ur welcome. 😄😃

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