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18 years old with Tight foreskin

The foreskin on my penis is quite tight, I cannot pull it back over the head of my penis at all (If I try then it hurts). I can urinate and when I get an erection then it is fine and doesn't hurt! I have yet to have sex so do not know if it would hurt during intercourse. I also have Eczema and read on the official NHS website that it could be linked with Phimosis.

Any help is appreciated.

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I could not pull back my foreskin either, so I did not force it. I would pull back gently for cleaning whilst in bath or shower. Masturbating did not present a problem and later when I had sex with my future wife without a condom it did occasionally pull back naturally. Which, to be honest was quite painful at first and I had to 'manually retract'. But it did get easier. If you are in pain or it really worries you, Please arrange to see a Dr.

Good Luck.


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