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Stitching and bleeding after Circumsicion?

6 days ago I had a circumcision. The recovery is going pretty well, however I have noticed something and want to ask if this is something I should worry about.

So the looking at the stitches I have I can see something that doesn't look right... Overall the stitching is pretty good, no bleeding at all and looks very clean, however on the left my stitches look worse. There's quite a lot of blood (from when I had the surgery) and it has bled but only very, very slightly. But the stitching looks completely different to everywhere else, and the skin seems to be more swelled also. It doesn't look like the stitches have broke, though its hard to tell honestly.

Is this normal? Because I don't feel any pain. I don't know if it's healing slower than the rest of my penis because there was complications (right after I had it done my only left side was bruised pretty badly), but I doubt it because I saw a doctor 2 days ago and he said everything looked fine, however I've only noticed this 'problem' today.

Does anyone have any advice or guidance? Thank you

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If you're concerned, call your doctor and discuss your worries. If there's no pain or discharge it's likely nothing but best get it checked out.


I agree with deepspace. I experienced a minor bleed following my Op. It is pretty messy down there for the first few days. I would advise a short warm bath with Baby bath to help clean the area.

Good Luck


This was a few days ago now so I trust it's all settling down OK now

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