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Stinging and pain in nipples (male)

Im 18 years old and have a thin relatively muscular body, ive been under an enormous amout of stress lately; say for the past month and recently ive been experiencing some changes in myslef, including a sexual drive that has dropped to almost zero, difficulty concentrating and most recently sulight puffiness around both my nipples and an almost constant pain and stinging in one or sonetimes both nipples that dont get worse when touched, and i examined my chest and found no lump of inconsistency in the tissue.

Could this be casued by lowered testosterone due to high stress? And is it serous? Thanks.

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When I was fit and healthy, many years ago, when wearing loose fitting shirt , t shirt or what ever, the material would rub on my nipples and they were really sore, I eventually found out and for a while would put a plaster on each one.

Good luck.



Hi, and thanks for the reply, but unfortunately this cant be the case for me, because one thing i can say for sure is that i have almost no physical activity these days, ( my stress is mostly due to school stuff and i have to study for around 12 hours a day) so its probably something else, anyways I'm visiting a doctor today to see what's wrong.

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so what was wrong? having the same symptoms around my left nipple


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