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is my right ball working

hello doctors recently i got hitt in my balls with hand not with so much power and my right side had a some pain this happend 1-2 months ago.after some days in the right side of abdominals closer to kidney before i got hit i felt a pleasure when thinking about a girl or just imaging of having sex but now i feel i bit of pleasure in my left side it starts at left abdominals and it ends in the start of urinary bladder, in right side it starts from right abdoinal and it ends near the end of abdominal and in right side the pleasure doesnt feel that much. i went to a doctor and i told him i got git in testicules he asked me if i had any redness and swelling and he checked me and i didnt had any of that i went to doctors 1 month after that happend in the early days my balls were hurting a bit but then the pain gone and when i masturbate i tried to control my self before ejaculation and the pleasure on my penis was in middle and in right side please help.thanks for advice.

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Hi, First to say is most of us on here are not Doctors, just ordinary guys who have had similar problems or life skills. We do our best to help.

It does sound like you have good advice from your Doc. Firstly I would leave things alone down there for a week or so. No Sex or masturbating. If you still feel sore then go back to Dr or a walk-in centre. It is a very sensitive area and a little knock can go a long way.

Good Luck


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