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Psychotic wife & baby boy

Hi all,

Ever since I got married my wife and my family have grown further apart. The wife has had a tough upbringing, with a complete dysfunctional family and a few years in an orphanage. My family is regular middle/upper class, with the usual troubles every family has but nothing major.

Since marriage and the birth of our baby boy my wife has been arguing with mi family saying they discriminate her for being poor, and that they also hate her and that they hate our son. She has asked for a separation a few times, and she has something that makes her anger grow as days go by instead of the opposite. As it was agreed they wouldn't talk to each other and though that would calm things down, it has actually gotten her more active in the hatred. Every day she comes up with new demands like paying for an au pair, a second home as to proceed with the separation and many other things we can't afford since I'm the only one working.

I feel she's psychotic as she literally never acknowledges the possibility of her having done anything wrong. Instead, she analyses and criticizes everyone in depth and finds more and more issues permanently. I fear for my boy to not have access to my side of the family, I fear for my health but fundamentally I fear missing out on the most beautiful stage of a baby becoming a toddler and being in his life as much as I can. She will not accept help and I don't know how to deal with this.

I have followed my counselor's advise to remain positive and always see the bright light, but she's not buying this and keeps on building on more and more issues.

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This is a tough one and I think you really do need professional help for your wife. Could you persuade her to see a Counsellor ? Definitely need to put your family differences apart and work on what is best for your family and especially your baby. Post Natal depression perhaps ?

Good Luck

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Good advice.


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