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Do you desire to postpone ejaculation?

Precocious ejaculation is a common problem. Do not feel alone. Consider that all we men are programmed to be fast, in order to make the woman pregnant before another man can come around and displace us. 6-10 pelvic thrusts can be sufficient for a man to ejaculate. So we must learn to be slower.

In any case of doubt, consult an andrologist.

But there is somethimg you can do yourself.

Imagine you have inserted your erected penis into her vagina. Homosexuals can follow the same advice. Of course you are craving to go up and down and to ejaculate. Don't do that. We are learning how to give pleasure to our partner.

Stay still for a while or do some rotating movements. Try to avoid thinking of ejaculating and enjoy the intimacy.

Then start the pelvic thrsts. Some soft, one deep. Stop. Try again. Check your desire to ejaculate. When it rises, extract your penis and squeeze your glans strongly and firmly but without pain. Use your thumb on the back of your glans and two fingers where your frenulus binds to your gland. Squeeze until the desire of ejaculation dies out. You will feel satisfied without ejaculation. Then restart the pelvic thrusts until you feel the urge to ejaculate. Again extract your penis and repeat the squeezing manoeuvre. I advice you to repeat the squeezing only twice. Then restart the pelvic thrusts and go on to a fully deserved wonderful ejaculation.

With time you should become able to increase the number of pelvic thrusts before you feel the urge and you need the squeezing

Usually the penis should not lose yhe erection during the squeezing.

Let me know if it woks well with you as I have experienced.

Bye Nick

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Sorry, what is a glans?


Here is the glans.



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