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Life after circumcision

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It is now almost four months since my Circumcision but I still find the head can be sore. The slightest touch can sometimes result in pain. It is nothing too severe but can be very uncomfortable. Both the Surgeon and my Dr say the Op was a success and is healing well. The site of the stitches is fine, the soreness is more in the 'head' of my penis.

Anyone with more long term awareness of this procedure have any advice ? I have also read about using various creams that may help reduce pain and stop the head drying out. Eg, Bio oil, Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter or Baby oil. Any Suggestions ?

Sex is possible but not always successful, both due to soreness and not being able to maintain erection.

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Is it pain or just sensitivity? If it's not swollen, and your doctor isnt worried about it then it is just sensitivity. This will probably take a few more months for a lot of the nerve endings to be desensitized. A dry head is normal for cut guys, no need to put creams on it.

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jaglad in reply to Frank123xyz

Hi, Yes it is probably more sensitivity rather than pain but it can be darn uncomfortable at times. Little concerned at your explanation as 'desensitized'. Sex can be difficult as it is not looking forward to being even less sensitive to stimulation.

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Why not view as different. Your brain will adapt to the different sensitivity in due course. There is no treatment as there is nothing wrong, but you need to be patient.

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Frank123xyz in reply to jaglad

its nothing to worry about. Its natural that a circumcised penis would become desensitised...its always rubbing against your underwear etc and is no longer protected in a sheath. Could be argued that a less sensitive penis improves your sex life, as you can last longer. But in reality I dont think it makes much difference...stimulation is more mental than physical ( eg wet dreams)

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anil0011 in reply to Frank123xyz

Hello friend

My dr. Also circumsied my penis

Because i was suffring from belanite infection since oct 2016.

But still i feel some moisture or symtems of belanite on my penis.

Now forested

Please guid me, what can i do for that ( how can i rid on this problem)

Thanks, I guess I am just experiencing the normal reaction to a circumcision.

My main worry is sex, previously if I could not maintain an erection manual stimulation would soon have me going again but if I am less sensitive that could be an issue ?

I will have to give it more time I guess.

Can I ask a question. I was circumcised 1 week ago, I'm a 29 year old Adult. I still find the penis is healing obviously, but I was going to ask how long did yours take to heal?

I cant see the stitches fully as they are under the fold of the skin, and I'm too scared to pull back to check them, as I don't want to upset the healing.

Did you keep a dressing on your penis for weeks after the surgery?

Was there bleeding around your penis after the surgery?

I find I'm having a little bit of bleeding through the day, but not much to be honest.

It's still sore but again I know its only been a week.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I had mine done 5 days ago and after reading a lot of these stories I feel I'm recovering well and I see a lot of people is saying put it I salt water and I can really see that helping! I'm 30 by the way and on this 5th day a lot of swelling had gone down and just some dried blood around the stitches.

I recently had my circumcision.. I wanted to know how much time it took you to recover.. Because I am not even wearing my bottoms from the time bandages were removed like past 6 weeks

My dressing only lasted a few days I would just wear tight fitting pants to stop movement for that is what made me hurt ! I would pull back gently in the bath and let the stitches come out naturally over about a week. The bleeding stopped after about day three but as you say it was only a little.

Sorry to say that for me it continued to be sore for quite some time. But it does get better.

Good Luck

Hi guys. Sorry to read of your discomfort following your circumcision. May I ask were you all given a choice on the different styles i.e. skinned back , high , low tight or loose cut.

Hope things improve quickly for you all and you keep us informed of your well being.

Best wishes guys.

No I was not given a choice nor was I aware there was one.

In my case there was a risk of cancer and it was all a bit of a rush.

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Ok Jaglad. So when things dare I say gets back to normal do you think cosmetically you will be happy with the results.

Yea it actually looks ok from a surgery/stitch point of view and from what I have heard it is a neat job. I would have liked the option of keeping the skin longer to afford some protection for the head.

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But chances of getting HIV would be risky.

I had puss on my uncircumcised pinnis and it was under foreskin and the doctor treated by circumcision, before that it was tested hiv and some other tests all was clear, now in almost 20 days and i dtill have pain on testical nurves and above pennis probably bladder or seminal vesicle. I feel worry pls advice if anyone have similarities, last visit to doctor a week ago he said it will heal fine.

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jaglad in reply to Saikumarr

From what you describe all is normal. It is early days yet following your Op. Relax and wait for time to heal your wound.

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Saikumarr in reply to jaglad

Thank you so much jagland make me a bit calm down ...

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Saikumarr in reply to jaglad

Thank you again but my urine smells again like it use to smell when it was infection is that ok or so i needs to worry? And the infection just its first time and i went for surgery hopefully all safe ?

Smelly urine could be due to infection, usually a simple test to check this. Initially I would try drinking more water, dehydration is a common cause. But please do seek medical help if it persists particularly if you eperience any pain.

Hi, jaglad, glad that I found this post because I'm having similar issue like you. I was circumcised about 3 months ago and my head and the stitches part still felt uncomfortable sometimes. I search on the internet and mostly say that it took about 30-45 days to heal and that is what I'm concerned about. I jog once in a while before circumcision and now i felt discomfort doing so, not really painful tho but definitely not feeling good either.

Now that I see this post is 7 months old, I would like to know how is thing going for you? Did your issue solved by itself? Or did you do anything to it? Really appreciated it. Thank You.

At three months I was still quite sore when subject to slight knocks. I would imagine the movement from jogging would cause some discomfort. Have you tried tight fitting pants to keep things still ? It is now almost a year since my Op and to be honest I can still get caught out by an unexpected knock or movement. Generally everything is fine, but it is a long process.

good luck

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Royallife in reply to jaglad

Thanks a lot for the reply!

and yea, tight fitting boxer did help a little bit. Looks like i still have a long journey. :)

You will get there.

How did you desensitise the head during the first couple of weeks? The pain is killing me rn

Somebody on here suggested using 'delay spray' which is sold to desensitise the penis to help you last longer during sex.

But, I just decided to grin and bear it. My method was to wear tight pants to reduce movement when out and about and loose fitting dressing gown when at home.

Sorry I cannot be more help, but time as they say is a great healer.

Good Luck

Had my circumcision 50 days ago. Have waited for healing, which is going well, before trying to wank. Cut is quite low, so there's not much inner foreskin left. Tried for ages to stimulate that area, which feels really good but no orgasm! Am I missing something?

Longest I could go was 21 days after.. at first i thought what the f..k have I done?!? Would stimulate area for hours with no orgasm. In the end if I stimulated and squeezed the base it would happen. Has been 4 months and now the swelling has gone down things seem to be getting back to normal

Mate, biggest regret having it done, yeah the NHS don't tell you that you basically won't orgasm like you used to, (or at all) total lack of information surrounding circumcisions and post op expectations. Hence the need to look up forums such as this.

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jaglad in reply to Davmac

I have to mainly agree with your opinion. Not nearly enough info' available. I still orgasm and sometimes it is good sometimes not so. But overall I think the feeling was better before. But have to make do with what we got left ...

Many circumcised men need to use lubrication.

I waited the full six weeks that was recommended before sex. Have to admit, it nearly killed me. Then we used plenty of lube and started VERY cautiously ! Probably sounds weird but for DiY I initially used one of my Wifes silky nighties which was more of a stroke than a Wank but it did the trick. Still not as nice as before though.

Now 8 weeks since the operation. It took quite some time and effort but at last I've had an orgasm! Never gone for soo long before. What a relief. I thought it was broken. I must get used to using lube though. It ended up red raw and a bit swollen on the scar line. Going down and fading now though.

Yea, you will find plenty of lube is the way to go. Often if Mrs is wet enough I will just go for it, sometimes I wish I had lubed but usually carry on anyway !

We've not tried full sex yet. I read somewhere that for a few months, condoms should be worn, to protect the scar I guess. Owing to the fact that my shaft is still thicker than before (not really swollen but definitely wider) I've had to buy large XL ones, which raised a couple of eyebrows over the counter! Overall though, I'm sure it's a bit shorter but I don't know how that would be.

Lol good one

This! My dick is fatter than it is longer now. Wtf?

Im barely 5 inches long now but like 6 circumference.

Yes I heard the condom advice and we did use the first time but putting on and taking off without actually causing pain was difficult, so we used plenty of good old KY. Strange that I thought mine looked thicker but when I asked Mrs if she noticed a difference, she said it felt thinner ?

Real confidence booster that was ! She says she prefers it now but I not so sure.

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Ryanr in reply to jaglad

I’ve heard it’s worse for a woman because your foreskin would go up and down inside her but now it’s gone it’s less pleasure for her weather that’s 100% true or not I don’t know but I wouldn’t have thought it would make much difference 😂

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Icre84u in reply to Ryanr

My foreskin didn't move up and down before my circ so can't imagine any great difference now except for a more prominent ridge which can only be a positive right?!

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Davestheraves in reply to Ryanr

I’ve heard the opposite to this, a few female mates of mine have said they much prefer a circumcised penis and wish all guys had it done.

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Ryanr in reply to Davestheraves

Most women prefer a circumcised penis my girl does

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jaglad in reply to Ryanr

My wife prefered me intact. But we are all individuals.

Hello guys...i know this thread is old and some well experienced guys are here.. I had my circumcision a week before.. And I have to join my office on 29th.. I am still not wearing any bottoms.. Please suggest what should I do.. The stitches are still present under the penis also.. Please do help..

I had mine done in mid-December. Very little pain, a little bleeding during the first two weeks. Much weeping of fluid from the surface of the glans, which had to have a lot of adhesions of the foreskin scraped off. I was out and about within the first week. I think I only went without bottoms while in the hospital overnight. I wear boxer-briefs for underwear. They provided good support so things did not move a lot. For the weeping fluid I bought some 20cm x 9cm sterile first aid pads and just stuffed them around the end of the penis inside the underwear. Worked a charm. Before I got to the pharmacy to buy the pads, my wife let me use her pantyliners -- they worked also, but I preferred something sterile.

Stitches were all out on the 30th day. Still having tenderness around the incision line. Giving it more time.

I would wear tight fitting underpants to stop movement which helped to reduce pain. Provided you not doing anything to physical you should be fine.

Good luck

Hi guys, I had my circumcision two weeks ago tomorrow. Slowly getting there although still yet to really adventure out of the house.

Couple of questions:

1) When did you first take a bath? I was going to go for it tomorrow but I have read to wait three weeks?

2) How long did it take for stitches to start and finally all fall out?



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Legonzalez6 in reply to Mike1990

I'm on day 11 and my 1st of many stitches just fell out on its own this morning in the shower. Still swollen from the bottom and the night erections have been a nightmare for me. But I'm on day 11 and I think the worst is behind me. I even made a YouTube video of my first 7 days of recovery. It's getting a lot of views. Anyway that's my story.

I had a short shallow bath on day three using emollient lotion and no soap, thereafter I used Johnsons Baby soap. Again, short and shallow for the first week or so. I progressed to showers but not letting the full water force onto the newly exposed head.

The stitches came out slowly over about two and half weeks, starting on day three.

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seasenor in reply to jaglad

Baths are not recommended as bacteria my get in the wound. I had my circumcision a week ago @ age 53, recovering well. i recommend using tight fitting underwear.

now that the wound is dry, the stitches get cut on the underwear, wrapping it with tissue before tucking on the underwear helps the rubbing.

Bath wise, I was just advised to avoid for the first few days. Then and still now I rinse with clean water. The tight fitting underwear was a great help and I used melonin dressings to stop the rubbing.

I am also 53 and one year on, survivor ?

Hi Jaglad,

I am on day 6 and healing. I got it done due to phimosis. But some of the comments here are mentioning about lack of or reduced sensation. I am freaking out now. What is your first hand experience? My thoughts were like my foreskin was anyways tight due to phimosis, so with Circumcision it should be better. Isn't it so :(

There are differences of opinion, but medical science shows that most of the nerves are in the foreskin and most sensation is in the foreskin.

Of course we are all different, and how you where before will make you aware of how you are now. For me, the head can be still quite sore if touched in the 'wrong' way. It has to be said that sexual feeling has reduced. Sex is still very enjoyable but I preferred it pre-op. But given the possible alternative I make the best of what I have.

Sorry I cannot be more positive, enjoy what we have. And as I keep saying we are all different, others may give a more positive outlook.

Hey guys, 44 years old, 8 days in. I'm not having much fun here. Head is very sensitive, I did fear that wouldn't end but it's definitely improving. Time will take care of that I'm sure. I had a bath on day 4, sort of regretted it as I swelled up after, for about 24 hours. Like a lot of you, tight fitting underwear has helped a lot. I'm getting so many erections throughout the night, they wake me up constantly. It really hurts. I've split where the stitches are slightly, this stings like a bitch. I'm now having salt baths. My biggest query is that I seem to have been sown lop-sided. The left hand side, I can see about 4mm of flesh below the head, the right hand side is level with the base of the head. But I'm still swollen on the right side so it's hard to tell. Anyone else have something like this?

Yep very similar experience although mine did not get better until 3 months on when the swelling started to go down

Did it end up looking even when the swelling went down? I'm guessing it's not as bad as it looks and it's the swelling that's caused it but at the moment the old fella looks in a sorry state

Overall I am fairly pleased with how the 'old fella' looks. It took quite a long time and as I say it can still be sensitive, but reasonably pleased.

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Nathankean in reply to jaglad

I am happy with it too now 4 months on. Beginning was shiiiiiiit

Same here. Now around 16 weeks and pleased with the result. On the topside and underside, the scar line is quite smooth and even. However, on both sides, the scar line is still a bit raised up and gets a bit swollen there if stimulated! In those areas it's still a bit tender too. My scar line seems to be around 1cm from the head all the way round. At first, I thought my frenulum had gone but now it looks as though it's still there but very short and very close to the shaft - virtually gone anyway.

I have the same problem

A few general tips for people with fresh/recent circumcision.

1) Do not panic, overthink or overreact. What people usually do, and that is everyone, is get concerned and freak out when they think something might be wrong. Most likely everything is ok and you are just worried so take a deep breather and try to relax, panicking never helps. If you are truly concerned, contact the person that performed the circumcision.

2) For sensitivity, for the first few days/weeks one thing that might help is wearing tight underwear (tight as in, not too much movement not as in being strangled). Briefs or boxer briefs are the better solution (boxers too loose and will make your penis move more). If you live alone for the first 2-3 weeks, don't wear underwear at home. Also use a gauze covered in vaseline to cover your head/incision. Make sure its a pharmaceutical vaseline (no fragrance, no added stuff, just pure vaseline, not "lotion" vaseline) the gauze will keep your head from scratching against underwear and keep it "safer" while still slowly helping it to get used to no foreskin. Another thing you can do is run medium warm showers with medium stream at your head ... it will be slightly uncomfy but its a way to "train".

3) Do not take long baths for the first two weeks (until your stitches are out/dissolved), showering after two days is fine as long as you don't spend too much time there. Salt/herb baths (understand dipping your penis into a bowl of it) is fine for a couple of minutes and helps healing but once again, do it for 2-3 minutes not too long to not cause the stitches to dissolve prematurely.

4) Erections are a bitch to deal with, mainly coz you cannot control them. Usually the first week isn't too bad because the shock caused to your penis will keep you from getting erections for a few nights but then when it starts healing but stitches are still in, it can get very painful. Do not drink past 6 PM. Drink as much as you want/can during the day, you should get it out of your system by night, but do not drink before going to bed. Many erections are caused by your body trying to prevent peeing itself, giving yourself less of a cause for an erection is always good. If you sleep on your side, keep the "fetal position" in mind, having your knees slightly bent towards your stomach helps with lowering erections, or at least the impact of them. If you sleep on your back, try to sleep with your knees up (same affect as fetal position on side though not as effective). You will still get erections even with these "tips" try to think of something unsexy or even unpleasant, for me it was sticking my penis into a pile of snow ... its cold, its annoying, always got my erection down quickly xD. Find something that will do the same thing to you.

5) Back to the first point, everyone heals differently, someone is lucky and heals rather quickly, someone is unlucky and heals longer, you are different, doesn't mean there is an issue, don't start reading various articles on the internet persuading yourself that there is "deffo something wrong with you". Give it time, the 4-6 weeks "healing" estimate is for the main would to "heal" as in close up ... you will not be fully healed with everything looking normal in 6 weeks, that will take months. The important thing is to make sure you give your penis time to heal, if you have an urge to masturbate too soon, resist it, better wit the extra week, than to prolong healing and having to wait extra 3. Be patient.

6) If you are really concerned, freaked out and nothing here helped to calm you down, the only thing that will is contacting your care provider and having your mind be put at ease. Do so.

Hi please please could your help me im so willing to get circumcised but I'm really so scared that it will be painful I'm 22 years old please tell me if it's worth it to get circumcised????? And what outcome do you gain and also is it painful? Thanks a lot hope to hear from you'll

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Hi John . Circumcision is an emotive topic . You either believe in it or not. Personally I think all guys should be able to have this done on demand. This day and age there should be no pain but some guys do experience some discomfort during the healing process . I would do your home work and read up about the procedure especially when it come to styles of circumcisions. Sure you will not regret getting cut. All the best.

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Prestance in reply to

Hi John. I am curious as to how you finally ended up deciding. I am in this group due to my 7 year old son getting cut at age 5 1/2 and still having issues with over sensitivity. I am accompanied the whole process and he read a lot as well. Apparently the foreskin has more nerve endings than the head or lips or fingers. What was your decision?

I can only suggest you re-read all previous posts and make your decision. For me, I wished I never had it, But, I needed it so that was that. Circumcision is only worth it if you need it, the operation itself is painless because you will have anaesthetic. Recovery can be a long process.

It is tough to start with but things do improve. Look at all options.

Hopefully some of you guys are here cause I feel I can get a good response since it seems some of you are months in. I got circumcised on Jan. 9th. As far as I can tell healing seems to be going well. But I've noticed that when erect it doesn't look like it pulls back as far as before. Is that because of the swelling? And will that go away after a couple months? Or am I stuck like this? Hopefully you're able to understand my question. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Jay. Congrats on your new modelled cock. I’m sure most of the guys here would agree that it is to early to tell as you rightly say there is still swelling and the skin needs to settle down before one can judge. You should see a marked improvement after a couple of months however if you where skinned back and retain some inner 4skin it is likely to take longer especially for the scar line to fade. Main thing mate don’t worry you did the right thing and I’m sure things will work out just fine.

Hello, I recently got circumcised a few days ago and am concerned about the sensitivity. It takes me a couple minutes before I can get comfortable lying down on my bed, and I cannot walk unless I am naked or I am wearing boxers but am pulling them away from my body. I am 16 years old and am currently studying from a levels, but I am really worried I am going to miss too much time due to not being able to walk from sensitivity. Any ways to speed up recovery or stop the sensitivity??

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CharlieR in reply to Madman99

All heels in time bro, I had mine done 17 days ago and I was like you, it’s a weird scared feeling you get to put boxers on it, I had the courage to put it on my penis and then 3 days later I could walk, it’s super sensitive but it will dye down ;)

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Madman99 in reply to CharlieR

Any recommendations on anything like adapting to walking again?

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Hi Madman . I concur with Charlie the sensitivity will calm down but recovery takes it’s own time. I worn tight briefs and jocks which I found worked for me.

It will improve in time, go for the tight underwear to keep everything still.

I found the movement against the material was the worst. After a few days you could try showering and let the water hit the area, just a little at first then build up. This was recommended to me.

You will get there.

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nijhtowl71 in reply to jaglad

Hi jaglad, I just came across your post because I too had an adult circumcision (for balanitis) & was told my glans would "toughen up" or that I would get used to it over time. But it's been 6 yrs now and I regret to say that the sensitivity has not totally gone away. So, like you, i'm still having to wear tight underwear whenever I am active. I've also tried all kinds of prescription & over the counter ointments/creams but nothing has "cured" me yet.

So I just wanted to let you guys know that it's not just "all in your head" (unless you count the glans) & that sensitivity does not always go away even after long periods of time.

But i'm still holding out hope (barely) that maybe something will come along that will clear my condition up. I'm also considering doing a biopsy on the glans to see exactly what kind of strain of balanitis I have.

I am only 15 months on, and yes, still, things can be uncomfortable. I am pretty much managing it and know when to expect the discomfort.

To be honest I am not sure I want to be totally 'pain' free as I feel this may take some pleasure out of sex.

They thought I had Penile cancer but it turned out to be Zoon's Balanitis.

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Evenso in reply to jaglad

I'm 54 and nearly a year since surgery and like you suffered Zoons which was treated with a cream for the past 10-15yrs, the cream manufacture decided for whatever reason to end production hence my Op, the head has little sensitivity but under where the wound scaring is very sensitive to the point of painful during sex and I have had experienced of small tears that result in the pain this stops erection and orgasm. Reading up on the cream it did say to use sparingly as it can thin the skin and I did as instructed, apart from that its totally fine but I am now actively looking for a cream or similar that will repair the thin skin if possible. (I do use lube but its a lottery too much & no feeling, too little and pain)

How long until sensitivity of the glans is reduced to a barable level? And jaglad, how does your sensitivity feel now compared to the first few weeks post operation? Thanks

We all different. I was quite sore for a couple of months, but you will read on here some men where back at work a week after Op !

Now I am a lot less sensitive and generally it is not a problem. Now I just accept this is how it is going to be. Compared to just after ; a Thousand times better.

Hey it’s madman99 just forgot the password lol, just want to say thanks, nearly 3 weeks after the op and it feels way better. Sensitivity is reduced vastly to the point I can actually touch the head but still feel a bit of sensitivity. It’s still swollen on the incision and has stiches in, so I’d like to ask how long does it generally take for the swelling to go down and for it to look normal?

It is and it isn’t I still enjoy sex like before but it’s less sensitive but not enough to not be enjoyable plus your mind plays a huge part in sexual intercourse

I was 23 when I got circumcised and November last year I got circumcised because I had tight foreskin and no creams or stretches were working.

I think sex was better before, but if it has to be done, that is it. Make best use of what we have left.

Well I was quite a few weeks, but others on here have said they where fine after 10 days !

So we all different, not something you can rush.

Straight. Is it relevant ?

Interesting thread, I was circumcised 5 weeks ago to the day due to a tight fore skin and no steroid creams/recommended stretching techniques by doctor worked, sadly.

But yeah the process of recovery, If I’m honest, the first couple of weeks aren’t a fun ride at all, totally uncomfortable wearing anything on your bottom half, baths were a big relief! Took about 3 weeks til I was comfortable in (slim fit) jeans again.. I have seemingly been very lucky in healing process though, virtually no bleeding and stitches came out by the end of the third week.

The sexual side of things, now this is an interesting one and is still a part of the “learning curve” so to speak, having to get over recovery and understand psychologically and physically the change in feeling.. I’m yet to have intercourse since the operation, I’m holding off for another week or so, but have masturbated 3 times, the first being at 3 and a half weeks (slightly too soon if I’m honest, was more painful than anything else!).. my verdict so far is it all seems very dry and the feeling around the head is no where near as good, touching the base and using a water based lubricant has really helped, but the feeling over the head is so so different, it’s certainly gonna take some getting used to - it’s early days too, I’m hoping things improve as the scarline gets better & I know what feels best, but I’m not enjoying masturbation like I used to - maybe it’s too early to properly analyse it yet.

If nothing else, being circed’ is a long process, a learning curve & is certainly going to take some getting used to.

in reply to Charliej96

Sounds like a text book recovery. Sex should not be 100metre sprint but more of a marathon and you have just the tool for staying power. Being a Barehead has been the best thing in my life. I view it as a mark of a man .

You where brave in masturbating after three and half weeks ! Do not rush into sex and use plenty of lube' until you know what is right for you.

I am over a year on now, and I have to admit that for me also the feeling is still not as good as it was.

Fortunate to have found this excellent post. I had my operation almost a month ago, and am so glad to have finally gotten past the initial torture. To go from an anteater to a turtle is a bitch, especially at this point in my life. I am 70 years old and got bobbed because of a new predilection I seem to have developed toward acquiring penile infections, and it didn’t help that I was unable to pull back the foreskin. Anyway, I seem to be healing fine, but like so many of you, am still dealing with a sensitivity I didn’t expect after a month. It currently feels as though the glans is bruised, although I must admit, this is far preferable to feeling like it was embedded with broken glass, as it did in the first week or two of recovery. My hat is off to all you for getting this done now while you are still young.

I was cut nearly a week ago. I had mine done as a private patient at the Manchester circumcision centre. I had some issues with my foreskin being too tight and hurting a lot etc.

Anyway. The Dr has been doing this over 30 years! Was great and gave me plenty of advice.

Even made sure I got home ok and contacted me throughout this first week for updates.

I’ve had hardly any bleeding, not much soreness except erections at night. Which I now don’t drink much in the evening. That stops them happening as much.

I’ve bathed everyday for 5 mins. I bleach the bath first with spray bleach. Wash it off with the shower. Then run a bath with e45 bath, and 2 cups of magnesium flakes.

Swelling is pretty much on the incision line. Still using Vaseline and gauze to wrap where that’s is. But not had much of an issue. Been out for a meal today and was fine.

But I won’t lie. Want to be able to use it. Another 5 weeks so far away!

Very thorough with your cleaning regime. Good to read things are going well for you. Yea, I would definitely advise waiting the five weeks before sex, it can be a long haul but worth the wait and not worth any risk.

What a brilliant find this page is and fair play to jaglad, brilliant posts. I'm 32 and had my circ on Monday last. It'll be a week tomorrow. Got it done due to phimosis taking over the show which started about two years ago. I never had any problems retracting the foreskin prior to this.

For the last year or more I struggled to pull back the foreskin in the shower. Sometimes when I succeeded I would actually tear the skin on the underside of my knob because it was so tight. My penis had also become quite deformed looking when I did retract the foreskin.

Saw multiple doctors and tried all sorts of creams and none of that stuff worked. Had to abstain from sex with the mrs which began to cause tension. The few times that we did my foreskin would never retract fully and after there would be loads of little tears in it that would hurt like hell. It reminded me of looking at a volcano post eruption with all the little streams of lava pouring down from the top... except the "streams" were open flesh.

Anyway, had it done last Monday. Procedure typically takes 15-20mins however I had "extensive skin adhesions" to the underside of my bell that he had to cut and remove. The pain was horrific. They gave me 8 needles but that really only numbed the foreskin, not the actual head of my knob. After this he had to use a laser to create some scar tissue to reform the underside of my head as it had basically been taken over and swallowed up by skin. Absolutely horrendous. 1.5hrs and 17 stitches later I was done.

Almost a week on I've had to change my dressings several times per day with the help of my epic wife. Hurts like a bitch at times particularly if the underside comes into contact with urine. I have been sending progress pics to the doctor as advised and expressed concern at the slow healing to where the skin adhesions were. He compared this area to like having second degree burns.

I don't want to put anyone off with my post. Just sharing my experience thus far and hoping that things will get better soon. I won't start on the sensitivity, that's a different post as are the nighttime boners. Sounds like most people here had dissolvable stitches. I'm not so lucky in this region. 17 old school vinyl stitches that will have to be removed one by one. The Mrs. is going to do this. She'll be way more gentle than any doctor would. Shitting myself about when the time comes to take them out. Any recommendations on settling the nerves? Thanks lads and brilliant posts so far. Sorry I wrote a novel.

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Yeah, did not realise what a Monster I was to create !

Sounds like you been through the mill. Where you not offered a general anaesthetic ? When it comes to the stitch removal you could try desensitising spray. Not tried it myself but was advised that it may help reduce pain when I first had my Op'. Of course take painkillers in advance.

Good luck

Now over 5 months since my op. It now feels as though I've always been circumcised. No over sensitivity at all. Sex is great. My wife says I should have been cut years ago! She can really tell the difference - for the better. My scar line is still settling down and us still a bit raised on the sides but it doesn't bother me. Appearance wise, the glans is now the same colour as the rest of the shaft, so it looks like a lifelong circumcision. I've not had any glans peeling, just a general drying out. Maybe that's because before the op, I would keep my foreskin pulled back a lot of the time. Only problem there was that it wouldn't stay back!

If I'm playing on my own, I've found that the corona of my glans is now mindblowingly sensitive during orgasm. Much more than before. So I've taken to forming a ring with my finger and thumb and gently brushing them upwards over the glans from below, just as I shoot. Amazing!

All round a positive move which I should have done years ago.

Good to read your positive experience. My wife was very supportive but not really encouraging when it came to looks or feel. But I do have a small scar from a Biopsy and some discolouration from the Balantitis.

Hey guys, I just want to say this post has been a massive weight off my shoulders!

I was cut 8 days ago, and I think the healing process is going okay! I had my op under general anesthetic, but had bleeding after the op and ended up going back into theatre. 7 injections of local anesthetic and an extra 3 stitches later and I was back out.

My question is, I'm reading that people are replacing and keeping gauze dressings on for 1-2 weeks after the op. Now I had a gauze dressing with a condom over the top when I left the hospital, with a hole in the top to allow for urination.

Halfway through the second day of being home, the swelling had gone down slightly meaning the gauze dressing had stayed in place, but my penis had moved down, meaning I no longer had a hole for pee'ing, so it had to come off as I was only going to soak it in urine trying to go. If came off fairly easy, no real sticking apart from one side of the gland.

Once I took that one off, I replaced it with another gauze dressing and did so for another 2 days. From day 5, I've had no dressing on it and have been washing with salt water, and then letting the shower stream run from my neck straight down and over the penis. No pain or real discomfort from doing this, as is definitely keeping it nice and clean.

My question is, is it a problem that I'm not keeping a dressing on it now?

Like I said I'm on day 8, day 4 I was moving around the house very slowly and getting up/down very slowly. Day 5/6 saw an improvement in mobility, and day 7 I was driving my car again and moving around slightly better, kind off like an old man/heavily pregnant woman!

The sensitivity is getting better, but I know I have a long road ahead! Night boners are still quite difficult, but definitely much more manageable in the last 2 days than before this!

Should not be a problem with no dressing. Mine fell off on day two, from then on I would either wear loose fitting dressing gown around the house. If I had to wear pants then I would put vaseline on a melonin dressings and put it between the head and the pants as a buffer. I wore tight fitting 'jockey' type shorts to reduce movement. Your progress sounds very familiar to mine. You will get there.

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Thanks for the reply jaglad! I was wearing a non adhesive pad with Vaseline on when I was going to bed up until day 5, and now I'm just sleeping in loose fitting boxer type underwear at night and sleeping okay. I think I'm going to try a pad in my underwear during the day when I go back to work, with slightly tighter underwear.

May I ask, the first time you had sex again, how was it? I'm going to wait until it's been 5/6 weeks before I even try, just for the sake of safety to the wound site, but I'm still nervous. I'm a 24 year old male who's in a 6 year committed relationship and I must say my other half has been amazing, so they not my worry, just what it will feel like etc.

I found the tight fitting pants a great benefit. Even overnight, if there was any 'stirring' the pants reduced any movement which helped. I always went to sleep back to back with Mrs, she was also under strict instruction to wear her most unflattering night-clothes !

I waited the advised six weeks, and used a condom the first time as someone on here suggested it. The condom was ok to put on and fine during sex but awkward to remove, a little painful.

The first time was amazing, well after that long it had to be ! I would advise plenty of lube initially, Mrs is usually very wet anyway but I was taking no chances.

Good luck

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Did you sleep with any pads or anything? I'm sleeping with just pants on and can get a few moments off discomfort from the glands touching/rubbing the pants. Also, how long did it take for your sensitivity to become "normal", as such?

Apologies for all the questions, but the hospital were next to useless on discharge and gave me no information on what to expect etc. To be honest it was a shambles!

I was just given a leaflet when leaving the Hospital. I used the pads both at night, and during the day when I had to wear trousers. My Wife is a Nurse which helped with suggestions of care, the pads I used where shiny on one side which prevented sticking.

To be honest the sensitivity for me lasted for some weeks, others have said theirs was over in a week or two. So I guess I was unlucky.

I didn't even get that, but I've found some PDF leaflets online which I think are the same as they give you. I'll look at getting some more pads and carry on with how I'm going.

Thank you very much fella, you've been a massive help!

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jaglad in reply to Lex94

No problem, we all here to help each other.

Hi ive just recently had a circumsision and I’m wondering what’s the absolute earliest should I wait before I can do stuff sexually in terms of oral, sex and masturbation. I was advised to wait 6 weeks is this true?

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Congratulations on joining the barehead club. Generally speaking I would agree with the six week layoff of sexual activity . It’s most important allow the body’s healing processs to finish its work. If things get unbearable and you feel you gotta knock one out just try rubbing your glans without moving your penile skin.

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Ahaha thanks so In 6 weeks time I’m basically fine for any sexual activity ?

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Mate I understand your eagerness to try out your new circumcised cock. But every one is slightly different when it comes healing times . Just read some of the posts on this site. Just take things gently after six weeks and see how things go. May be worth using condoms if the scar line is still red. What style did you have high low tight or loose?

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Tight as and yea can’t wait to try the new ol fella out

Hi Guys, I'm booked in to have a circumcision on the 9th of April and I'm truly terrified! I've suffered from phimosis for as long as I can remember and I'm 26 now. After many attempts at stretching, I'm now able to see the top of my glands (about the size of a 5p coin), this hurts an eye-watering amount if I even attempt to rub it in any way and is probably the cause for a lot of my worries leading up to surgery.

A few things I'd like some advice on if possible, firstly I'm a flight attendant and therefore when I return to work, there will be a lot of movement, to say the least! A plane is not normally the most comfortable place to be at the best of times lol. How long do you think I'd need off work?

Secondly, I have a holiday to Florida booked in August! I'm panicking a silly amount that should I go through with the operation, my holiday will be ruined! Rollercoasters, waterparks and a ton of walking around 4/5 months after the op?? Should I postpone the circumcision if possible?

Many thanks.

in reply to Nervoustobeabarehead

Hi mate.

Would like to congratulate you on your decision. I hope everything goes well on the day. If anyone says they ain’t nervous about having an operation or some form of medical procedure they are not telling the truth. I get nervous flying.

Would agree with Tim regarding time off work and not cancelling that holiday.

Let us know how you get on mate.

It’s going to be a life changer for you and for the best.

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Nervoustobeabarehead in reply to

Hi Snip,

Thanks for your speedy reply, hope you don't mind me saying but you seem to come across as very pro-circumcision.. Do you think I should have any concerns? Bare in mind like a lot of us guys in this situation, my glads have never seen the light of day so will naturally be unbearable at first, will it have calmed down enough in 4 months to enjoy roller coasters and water slides etc? Some guys on here saying that a slight knock after 6 months is bad enough, let alone having it crushed by the over-enthusiastic coaster person who wants to make sure you can't move or breath for the whole ride haha.

Many thanks again.

Your holiday to Florida won't be a prob because everything should have been completely healed by then.

Concerning work, I would take two weeks off. After two weeks the stitches can be removed and once they're gone, work shouldn't be a prob. Just make sure you wear tight underwear and keep your penis upwards. It will speed up the healing. Succes and congrats for making the decision. I've done it myself a few years ago and I can assure you that it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your reply, can I ask at what point you felt back to "normal" after it was done? Like didn't matter if it got bashed about a bit?

Many thanks

After about two months everything was quite normal as I recall it. Only on the back of my glans, that spot where the frenulum was, kept very sensitive for awhile. But after 4-5 months it was as if I already was circumcised my entire life.

From personal experience I would say you need more than two weeks, but we all heal at different rates. When you do go back wear tight fitting pants, such as 'jockey' shorts, this reduces movement and thus pain. You can take Ibuprofen and Paracetamol together following correct dosage. But take them in advance to start, with before you get the pain then reduce use as you feel more able.

Good luck and Your holiday will be great.

Hi Jaglad,

Thank you for taking the time to reply! As you've said in many of your previous replies, knocking yourself down there can be a bit of a shock/painful.. So with that in mind, do you think the holiday is a bad idea? Sorry to make you repeat yourself but as there is still time to cancel the holiday or the circumcision, I'm looking for as much advice as I can.

Thank you!!

Yes it can be very painful no hiding that, but by the time you go away you should be all healed. Even now the unexpected knock can take your breath away but you will know what to do to avoid such knocks and to be honest it is a real OUCH ! moment but does not usually last. Keep on with the tight underwear to reduce movement when on the rides etc. You can always pop into a store to buy overcounter pain-killers should it be necessary.

My recovery felt like a very long road, but if it was me I would be going on that Holiday !

Some new rides to look forward this year I am told. Go for it.

Sorry to come in on the conversation. I got circumcised on the 6th of April. I feel good, peeing has been better than I thought. I've moved away from tight underwear to loose pajama shorts type thing and feel fine. Little discomfort the first day or two but now on day 5 it's ok. There's slight discomfort at times but never pain. My question was about work aswell and time to take off. I work in a mental health prison and unfortunately run the risk of getting attacked a lot and do unfortunately have to restrain at times aswell. When restraining there is no way of telling how well it will go but once you're in you have to get them down as quickly as possible. Dropping to atleast one knee as you put them on the floor. Bearing that in mind, how long is a safe amount of time before I could go back to work would you think ?

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jaglad in reply to cmb1994

You really need to speak to your Occupational Health Nurse. I can see why you would be worried, that is a very unpredictable environment. The last thing you want in any situation is to be worrying about taking a knock down there. Because it WILL hurt !

The 'occy' health Nurse in my place would not let me return for almost twelve weeks. I do a lot of bending and stretching but nothing really strenuous. Then I was on reduced hours and restricted for a couple of weeks.

To be honest when I visited the Nurse I wore normal boxers which did make me walk with a limp and did make it look worse but I did not want to take chances.

Hi everyone. I can relate to a lot of what I’ve read here, so I just wanted to share about my experience in case it’s useful to someone.

I had my circumcision 9 months ago, being 38 then (I am 39 now). As Jaglad, I too had little choice since I had the op because of medical reasons. In my case, it was because of adhesions of the foreskin to the glans and there was risk of infection.

The recovery was quite long and painful. The doctor said that my op was a little more complicated than a normal circumcision because of the adhesions and it would take me longer than normal to recover. I had to wipe fluid off the glans and dress it with gauze often because of this. I was told to have ibuprofen every 6 hours approx. Nights were hard because of erections and the stiches would sometimes bleed. It took about 4-6 weeks for the stiches to either come off or disappear by themselves.

I too am very sensitive around the area were the scar is, even now after 9 months. It’s not really pain, but more of a discomfort, especially when it rubs the clothing or when I touch certain parts. Most people here say that tight clothes are best, but in my case, I found the opposite to be true. I couldn’t bear wearing something tight as I would feel it pressing against my penis, which was too sensitive. I found wearing loose baggy clothes to be more soothing and, even better, not wearing nothing at all was the best (at home, of course).

As it happened to some guys here, sex has been more difficult, especially because of being more difficult to get manual stimulation to get me going. Lubricant has certainly been an aid for sex. Regarding sexual pleasure, sex feels as good as it used to be, I feel the same pleasure as I used to before the op, so that was good news.

Finally, I did take 2 weeks off work, and then I worked from home for 3 more weeks, so I guess I was lucky to have the chance to spend that much time at home to recover.

I’d also like to comment that I’m doing therapy now, and it really helps to cope with this as well as other stuff.

All the best to you all.

The foreskin had protected the head. Now that it is gone, the head is exposed to all sorts of irritants and friction on clothing.

Hi everyone. It’s been great to read all of your post circumcision experiences. In the build up to my op I found there was very little information out there about what to expect after the procedure and my NHS consultant was not exactly the most informative.

I’m 30 and on day 11 - the first week was a nightmare to be honest. Constantly uncomfortable, painful and very sensitive when wearing underwear. I tried as much as I could to not wear anything at all around the house and just let it hang out. For bed time I invested in some new boxers that had buttons on the front. I found the most comfortable position to get some sleep would be lie on my side, open the buttons on my boxers and just let it hang out.

The most sensitive part is definitely the underside where there are stitches out in the open. On the top side and on the side the stitches are under the skin but underneath the stitches are all out and visible (not sure if that’s normal?)

The worst part is definitely the erections I get during the night. This started on my 2nd night after the op and they literally kept me awake at night for most of week 1. The pain is horendous when this happens but hasn’t been too bad for the last 2 or 3 nights.

I still haven’t been brave enough to wear trousers. Around the house i’m still in boxers and if I do venture out I wear very loose shorts. Back to work next week so will use some of the tips you guys have given when it comes to putting my slim fit suit trousers on.

I’m a bit worried about the sexual stuff, not really sure what to expect and everyones experience seems to be different. When the time comes to give it a go think i’ll invest in some lube and take it from there with the wife. I think it will be a learning curve for us both with the full on sex and oral but i’m sure we’ll get there.

I do think the NHS should be giving much more information about this than they do. I didn’t realise how life changing a circumcision would be and I don’t think I have been given much information or support before or after my op about what to expect or advice to get through it.

I think the problem is, for the Consultant and Health Staff it is just another job. For us it is indeed, life changing.

For me the tight pants where a life saver, they stopped any erection growing too much. Whenever I felt one coming on I would put my mind elsewhere, and try and think the most un-romantic thoughts possible. The wife was also banned from wearing anything remotely sexy. And we slept back to back.

Sex was indeed a learning curve and lube is the way to go especially in the early days and when masturbating. As for Oral, it is always good but for me not as good as before.

It can be a long journey but you will get there.

Hi there. Had the operation last Tuesday. Staff weren't overly forthcoming with information.

Been very sore and lots of leaking. Got an infection and the underside of my head is completely covered in yellow gunk.

This morning I went to pee and it was very sore from the peehole. When I peed later it was agony and then BANG, I was pissing blood. Went to the hospital and was given new antibiotics.

This happened to anyone else? I'm terrified to pee.

There does seem to be a lack of information available from clinics after Surgery. I did not suffer the symptoms you describe and would advise keeping a check on things and do not be afraid to go back. By now you should be having short, shallow, warm salt baths to keep the area clean. Preferably let the wound air dry or pat gently. Use Ibuprofen and Paracetamol as needed.

Hello Jaglad and all,

I have had my circumcision two weeks before, on the first two days there was bleeding, and again on 6th day there was more bleeding due to rupture.

They stiched my glans (is it ok??) - they said, as there is blood vessel) - I am worried about that.

I had local anesthesia, Now, after two weeks still wearing gauze, getting pain on the nerves on penis where anesthesia is given.

I used to get erection during first week in the night, but now it is stopped.

Any suggestions about pain on nerves on penis.? and erections and when should I stop wearing gauze and using medicines

At two weeks I would think you should only be using the gauze as a padding to stop knocks not as a dressing. Pain killers for as long as you need them, I found that taking a couple before I thought I needed them helped, such as when doing anything that may cause pain. The lack of erections may be a good thing at the moment. I did not have any full erections for a few weeks, I wore tight pants in bed to stop movement and as soon as I felt a 'stirring' I would put my mind elsewhere. Hope this helps but do not be afraid to go back to your Doctor.

Thank you very much for this post. This has helped a lot. I got the circumcision done today due to phimosis and was thinking what I might face over the next weeks/months. This gives me a picture of what to expect and believe I am better prepared now than after the doctors visit :)

Never realised what I started with that first post.

Wish it had been around before I had mine !

Hi All what am interesting post which is helping loads.... just two things for me.... the swelling seems so intense that I just can’t pee straight... I’m all over the shop!! Ideas on control??? And the other is I have a band of swollen skin - it’s not directly behind the head of my penis or at the bottom of my shaft, is this normal???

Swelling is a problem in the early days and to be honest I sat down to pee for the first few weeks and even now aim can be a problem.

I'm terrified that it's all gone wrong! I had to be re admitted last night and the registrar on call nearly ripped my penis off. The ring of swelling is so tight and sore he basically tried to wring out the fluid. Nothing on any forum mentions issues about this ring that I can relate to. I look like an acorn with the cup bit still on. It got me sick!!!!

That sounds severe, I would ask to see a Urologist.

I had a circumcision 3 days ago and woke up today with a little bump on the side of the head just wondering if it is normal pretty scared

My guess is you are just noticing thing for the first time. If you are not in pain do not worry at this stage. You do not give much description, it could even be a spot of dried blood. Give it a couple more days then see Doc if you still concerned.

Hi all I had my circumcision on Thursday and They say it was successful but my ball sack is very bruised at the moment and the bell end is not currently swelled but the skin on the shaft is still swelled and only have had a little bit of blood from the stitch site and is not painful. Just the sensitivity of the bell end is very much heightened at moment and I can recommend Tesco free spirit active men’s incontinance pads they come in packs of 10 for £3 and they stick to your boxers or pants it makes it very comfortable and hardly any rubbing and gives you some protection against accidental knocks as they are a bit thick and while people have oozing or bits of blood it protects against messing your underwear too. What I want to ask is as the hospital wasn’t very forthcoming with advice is how long do I wait till I can start cleaning it? And then what with? Do I leave well alone till stitches fall out? I know everyone is different but how long does it normally take for the sensitivity to die down on average? And what can I do to help that along? Do you recommend delay spray eventually? Sounds like it’s a very long road to recovery not like they shrug off that within 4-6 weeks all will be ok. By some comments it’s not like that atall :(

I needed it done cause of phimosis had it since I can remember. Let’s hope I can get back to normal soon. Thanks guys for any reply’s to this.

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I was cleaning in short shallow baths on day three. I used emollient lotion then baby bath soap. Many people recommend salt baths. It is best to air dry or gently pat. You will be sensitive for quite a while, so do not be afraid to take painkillers if needed. De-sensitising spray was suggested but I never tried it

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Well into day 8 now and things seem to be ok although I suffer at the moment from a bit of burried Penis due to my weight so I can’t see the stitches but can peel it back and see them no problems and wash there. still swelling at the stitches site maybe that’s why burried penis is happening I don’t know. Everything seems to be progressing well not had any puss come from the wound site or the normal white stuff think they call it lymph dunno if that’s good or bad? Had a little blood at different times nothing to write home about. Big bruise on my ball sack is slowly going now. sensivity on the head is slowly going especially at very top. Still painful elsewhere though. And one more thing is it’s starting to hurt in a weird way coming from where the stitches are like when it does start hurting like prickling it sends shivers down my spine lol it’s weird I don’t know whether the swelling is starting to go down that’s why it’s hurting ? Don’t know. Sorry for long message

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Eight days is still early but what you describe sounds normal. Keep area clean and avoid knocks, you will be fine.

in reply to jaglad

Thank you one thing is, it does smell a bit funky a moment. I wash general area every day and I alternate between warm salt water and just warm water on penis as my doc advised to bathe it in just warm water. And the head seems enflamed at moment really red

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Inflammation and pronounced redness is not normal. It may be worthwhile you revisiting your Doc. As for the smell, it does sound like you are doing the right thing when washing, only extra I can add is perhaps to 'swish' it around under the water and pull back a little to make sure whole area is clean. Also, pat or air dry, do not rub or use talc.

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Hi jaglad it’s day 10 and I woke up this morning with a morning wood so went toilet to ease it when I got back into bed I looked down and saw a stitch knot had come off and there was a bit of dry blood there too. It’s not painful so I hope it was just natural and time for that stitch to come out anyway?

Hope it’s not too early for stitches to come out otherwise I’m gonna have to look for a walk in centre

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Hiya just a quick update went to A&E in the end and got some antibiotics and co-codamol so fingers crossed that fixes it

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I would not worry about stitches coming out on day 10, but you did the right thing by seeking medial advice.

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Hiya end of day 12 and I must say I don’t think it’s going too well to be honest so the wound site is still swollen which I would expect still, BUT still suffering from burried Penis which means the wound is all rolled up within itself I can peel it back to just where the end of the bellend is but the stitches are still hidden so don’t know how it’s going under there and wouldn’t know when and if anymore come out. I’m looking at my incontinance pads and bleeding is still happening by looks of it. I’m hoping that now the antibiotics are starting to kick in that it would improve things slightly I’m keeping on with the salt water so I can keep it as clean as I can get to. I’m a bit worried though that bleeding is still happening doesn’t bleeding mean it hasn’t healed?

Hi guys, so it's been about 15 days since my op. Is it okay if i use salt water solution to clean my penis now?

Also, can i eat normally now too? Do i still have to avoid seafood & spicy food?

Thank you.

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Really you should have been cleaning before now. I was not advised to avoid any foods, just drinking late at night, but I can see why some may be affected.

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Khanh in reply to jaglad

Thank you :).

On day 7 since op and man I just wanted to say thank you for creating this. Doctor surely doesn't give too much information, but reading this has helped me solve a lot of questions.

You right, Doc'c are not forth coming with info'.

Hope you healing Ok.

Hi Jaglad, I had circumcision on 2 days back. Everything seems ok but as others mentioned, I have sensitive glan which disturbs me a lot. The open is almost 2 cm from the head. I can see the folded foreskin at lining. Can I expect the foreskin to unfold to cover glan. I am aware that the glan will not be covered completely, however since I could see some foreskin folds at lining, I was wondering whether this will unfold and cover the glan little bit more. If so, do I need to do manually or will unfold at its own. Thanks

From what I know the ability to pull the foreskin over some of the gland will depend on the type of cut you have. Some leave more skin than others. At two days I would advise not pulling manually. Maybe in the bath just gently swish it around to help cleaning. As healing continues, you can start pulling back gently.

sensitivity will continue for a while, we all heal at different rates. my advice would be try and keep it still, wear tight pants and use vaseline if needed to stop sticking.

Thanks for your time

Thanks for your time

Hey all I got circumsized 2 days ago and then I noticed that the dressing was getting bloody and gross with urine but the pain wasn't that bad. Still I took the dressing off to put a new one and now I'm in a world of pain and can't really put a new one on snug. I have that's just kinda hanging loose and when my penis gets cold and shrinks it slowly comes off. Any advice to help me get through this would help

I would not bother with a dressing now, the first should have done it's job. At this point I was using Melonin pads which have a shiny side that does not stick. Just smear some vaseline on it and use as a cushion between Penis and pants. This reduces movement and hence pain. Also do not be afraid to take a couple of painkillers.

I just got it done a couple days ago. This may not be entirely relevant to everyone here but what methods are people taking to ensure that their penis sensitivity doesn't decrease to nothing?

Obviously us cut guys are going to have your sensitivity gradually decreased since we don't have our foreskins anymore but surely there must be ways to slow down the de-sensitising process? It's crazy how I'm asking this after complaining the last couple days about how sensitive my penis was but it now hit me that the reason why we have enjoyable sex is because of this sensitivity (note: I didn't ever masturbate prior to getting cut - could only pull foreskin back when I was flaccid).

I hear that people who get cut have their sensitivity significantly decreased after 30 years since their op. I'm just really hoping that I can have effortless and enjoyable sex from now, 18 years old to at least when I'm 45 years old..

Anyway, to get back on my point, I'm thinking about applying vaseline to my penis to moisturise it and use lube during sex. Probably won't masturbate though...

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Hi mate. I would describe sensitivity of a circumcised cock as like hearing. Ok there is a lose of a few nerve endings but does your pleasure of music diminish by not playing your songs through a hundred speakers as opposed to just two or three. I’m enjoying sex as much as ever and I’m way past 45.

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Cheers mate. When did you get circumcised if you don't mind?

So you haven't experienced any problems keeping your erection up? No problems cumming?

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Being a bare head hasn’t cause erection or orgasm problems but the toll of time one just can’t do the same as one did as a teenager.

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I am with you in that I do not want to lose any sensitivity if possible. To that end I have been using cocoa butter, lightly applied around the head. other posters have recommended bio oil or coconut oil. Another possibility is the 'manhood' which I believe is an artificial foreskin. Not sure I would go that far, but I did consider.

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Have you found that your sensitivity has already decreased from when you began having sex after your circumcision to now?

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Hi Jaglad did you ever try Jojoba oil? It's a great moisturizer cos it's not really an oil but rather a wax. It keeps my glans sensitive.

That is difficult to judge. Following the Op', having abstained for six weeks, all sex was amazing for quite a while. Now sometimes are better than others, I think my biggest issue is not being able to regain an erection as quick or as easy as before.

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Alrighty thanks. In regards to the erection part, do you believe this was due to a mental 'barrier' or a just a consequence of having the glands exposed as time progressed?

Sorry if these questions are a bit weird. I think I'm being overly obsessive about how my circ could affect my sex life, even though my sex life is non-existent right now.

It is a bit of both, as I say, soon after I was able to have sex it was always amazing then as time went on I perhaps did think about it more which could result in losing my erection. But also as the head becomes desensitised it does take a little more to get going again.

Try not to dwell on it, that will not help.

Hi all, thought I'd share my story and will try and keep it updated as I go.

Had mine done 3 days ago under general anaesthetic due to phimosis. The hospital dressing came off after 2 hours so I improvised my own from that point. There hasn't really been much pain, though a fair bit of sensitivity which is definitely helped by a bit of vaseline.

There's quite a bit of swelling so it's difficult to see my stitches around the glans, but with a bit of persuasion I can pull the skin back just enough to expose these. There's quite a bit of what looks like dried blood off one side but I'm hoping with showers/baths this will clean in time- I'm a little hesitant to start poking around in that area just now so close to the stitches.

There hasn't been much bleeding so I think overall things are healing well. There's a slightly weird smell coming from the area, but I think that will maybe pass. So far I've managed 2 showers (trying to not have the spray directly on it) and I've also soaked it for 2-3 mins twice in a bowl of salt water.

Trying to keep the wound uncovered as much as I can but we had guests over yesterday so it had to get wrapped up. I've been wrapping melolin bandages all the way around holding in place with some micropore which is working well when I need to, but I'm not sure it's helping things breath enough down there so I'm going to minimise that as much as possible in the coming days. Going forward, when I need to I'm going to try inserting (not wrapping) a vaselin covered melolin wrap between my manhood and my pants.

Having read this thread BEFORE the operation I was fairly prepared with supplies etc. Got myself some tight briefs for sleeping which is helping (sleeping hasn't been an issue). Though I've been getting erections every night (even the night after surgery!) which is causing a bit of pain and discomfort but bleeding is minimal so I don't think there's any harm done.

Main worry at the moment is there's still quite a lot of swelling but I'm going to give it as much air as I can, keep taking the Ibuprofen the hospital gave me and hope it settles down- I suspect it's still within normal expectations.

Jaglad- thanks for keeping coming back to this thread and keeping it going for all, it's a brilliant resource for everyone- I'll try to come back to it as well to help!


The thing to remember is we are all different. Each one of us reacts differently. I try to be even with my response. It is good to read others experiences. Stay with us.

Hey guys! I just got circumcised like 4 days ago everything looks good so far but im just worried about the healing part the dr told me after 4 weeks all be fine but i dont know if thats true the bottom of my glans is this swollen and lil bit of blood coming out is that normal or not? Im just concerned about everything looking at my penis like this worries me so much! Thank you!

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Four days is very early, if blood is still coming out you need to let it clot. Once it scabs over the wound should heal up and the bleed will stop.

If it continues to bleed consult your Doc'

Hello everyone!

I too have been sent for this op as a treatment for phimosis. The kind of phimosis someone mentioned earlier, in that my glands have basically never seen light. Just a small part peaking out of the foreskin. Today is the third day since the op and I would also like to share my so far short story.

I am 20 years old to start with. I had to take the first night in the hospital because I nearly fell unconscious when tried to walk. No sleep during the night mostly because of the noise in the corridors. I was very afraid to pee first 24h due to my very sensitive glands. I knew the pain and I wanted to overcome it by not peeing. Dumb isn’t it? Don't be like me. The first day was a horror. I was told to remove the dressing at home and bath the winkie in water and ocassionaly in herb bath. So I came home, got brave enough to pee. (took me like half an hour to leave the toilet) I spent the evening by walking in the house most of the time. Then I had to remove the dressing as said. It got a little sticky so the pain was quite huge. (i think i even cried for a while). The night was better than the first one. At least some sleep. Although I have some trouble falling asleep because when I am about to fall asleep I suddenly experience a wholebody shock of some sort accompanied by a deep inhale (like when you inhale before diving) all without intention. I also noticed that my penis muscles flex during this. Could this be the erection that you guys mentioned before although it's more like one flex rather than constant erection ? It started after the op. Day three which is today is a little bit of relief , peeing is not that drastic anymore and I have to walk naked because any touch to the head is a pain to the heart. Any suggestion for those ultimately sensitive glands?

This is my experience so far. Any suggestions that migjh help will be appreciated. I will try to keep this updated.

So far sounds very much like my experience. When going out and in bed I would wear tight fitting pants with a vaseline smeared dressing to reduce movement and thus pain.

It will get better.

Just a quick update. Third night and the night erections came onto the scene. That’s hell if you ask me. If only I could prevent it by thinking of something gross but I just wake up to pain and then it basically stops itself

By the way, is it normal to feel a sort of a choking sometimes at the widest part of the head?

For me the tight pants helped, at the first 'twitch' because movement was restricted, I would wake pretty much straight away. That is when I would put my thoughts elsewhere. I found a brick wall helped !

As for the choking ? No. Unless you mean when erect the skin felt tight, bit like a cock ring I guess, but not at all nice.

A swift update!

Night erections were even bigger disaster last night. Each one was followed by a gentle bleeding, especially from the part where frenulum was. I hope it's nothing uncommon. Yesterday's goal of first bath and herbal bath were more that successful. I expected stinging, but there was none. Overall, judging by my amateur eyes I am more than pleased with the looks and healing. Nothing seems unnatural to me. Swelling is there but nothing disastrous or big, nothing is of unnatural color, no weird or smelly fluids. A few things I noticed recently that I would like your opinion on, if you would:

1. The surface of the head is slowly being covered by small white-ish material that looks very much like dead skin.

2. When laying down the surface of the head seems to get "dry" or something. It gets wrinkly, if that is the correct term. Also, the whole penis gets more sensitive while resting on my back.

There are however two things that still concern me. The lack of fine rest (because of the damned boners) and the occasional "flexing" of the penis muscles when resting on my back (I mentioned it in early post).

Sounds so far so good. It will all feel different for a while. Consider taking pain killers before bed, that may help you sleep. As for drying out, that is normal and there are two schools of thought.

Firstly, if you let the head dry out it helps to desensitise and thus reduces possible pain. Or, like me use a moisturiser to help keep the head soft. I like the idea of keeping some sensitivity.

I'd definitely want some sensitivity left although the head is so sensitive at the moment that any touch to it would bring tears to my eyes. I tried patting it very very gently to try the sensitivity and not even a slight touch with gause was bearable. Seems that my days are like on a rollercoaster. Some days (like today or Saturday) were very good while others like yesterday was hell.

Swelling seems to have gone a very little bit (but still there). Although what remains of the swelling is very painfull as well. The bottom and frenulum parts aren't swollen but the shaft is, mostly the upper side (the one looking at me). Additionaly a bruise occurs along the widest part of the head which makes my times quite hard.

Anyways, it's slightly painful at the moment but since I try to be very positive about it I follow a weird ideology I came up with to soothe myself and that "when it hurts, it is probably healing". I hope I am not too naive about this.

If you believe then that is the main thing. Positive thinking can't do any harm. It is exactly what you say. A roller coaster, but the best bit is the end.

thank you a lot for your answers jaglad. A lot of info gained from your posts. Just had my circumcision done 12h ago and it honestly feels pretty good apart from the sensitivity. Every touch is painful but I guess that's normal but I haven't had boners yet at night. Kinda scared of it after reading upper posts... My question also is - do I have to do a cleaning procedure each time after urinating? My doc said I shouldn't change dressings first 1-2 days but I just want to make sure this is okay.

I can only speak for me and say my dressing fell off on day 2 and was not replaced. I would take short shallow baths, starting I think, on day three.

Warm water with baby bath soap, many advise salt water. Either way, not too hot and not for long. No particular regime, just a little shake. But I sat down for the first week or so as it was easier, then a dab with toilet tissue.

Hello again!

It is day 11 for me now so I let myself get back here and post a brief update, with questions again.

I must say that the progress of healing is very obvious. I also had an appointment with the doctor last Friday who said that it is "healing beautifully". Yet he failed to understand why am I still in a bit of pain since it was more that a week ago which is a surprise for me (the incision is not painful anymore, but I was speaking about the glans again). However, the sensitivity is slowly (very slowly) fading away. The head is peeling and accidental touches are not as painful as before (even though they are still a shock to the body). Night erections still wake me up but are more of a discomfort than pain now. Overall, staying quite positive!

Now the questions:

1. The frenulum part is covered in a lot of dried blood, since it was bleeding several times since the op. Should I just leave the blood there or somehow peel it of. I am concerned about that part not healing properly because of it.

2. I've started noticing strange white lumps which kinda dissolve in warm bath and become "washable". Weird is they only appear where the stitches pop out of the incision.

Any advices for these two? Thank you very much!

Hey, this thread was super useful to me, and has help me soothe a lot of my fears post-op.

I'm a 28 year old, just 4 days after the op. I'm still wearing the dressing the doctor had advised me to wrap the head in.

Everytime I pee, it just makes a mess of both the bathroom and my dressing. Causing me to redress the head, in fear of an infection. I've noticed some people in the thread with a similar problem. Just wanted to know if residual pee would lead to an infection.

It seems to be healing well, and I like the look of my manhood so far. The hyper-sensitivity is an issue though. I've been wearing my girlfriend's silk skirt to minimize friction lol. But it still is tear inducing at times. I'm also concerned as to when I can go back to work, provided that I can't even walk straight at the moment.

I'll be trying salt baths and a couple of things suggested so far. I'm glad to have found this community of sorts. As a thank you, I'll try to diligently post updates of my recovery.

The pee-ing is I am afraid normal, try sitting down it less messy. As for dressing I would not wear any around the house, similar you I would wear Mrs soft dressing gown. If going out I used melonoin dressings which have a non stick shiny side, smeared in Vaseline and used as a padding in tight underwear to keep things still. The Occupational health at my employer would not let me back until completely healed, 12 weeks in my case. I was on pay so never complained. Start with the baths then move onto showers, gently introducing the shower spray onto the head. This should help build up resistance.

I'm on Day 6, but apart from the incessant need to blow my load off, my penis seems to be healing quite nicely. Erections no longer seem to cause howling pains. I need to try this out more. My glans is still sensitive but I'm pushing myself to try and desensitize it. I'm currently wearing adult Pampers to snugly fit my dick in place while also training it to get used to rubbing against cloth. I still wince occasionally when I get up or walk up the stairs but it seems much more manageable than what it used to be a few days ago. I'm hoping in a few days, I might be able to go to work again(desk job).

Hi, after reading this post, I was wondering, because currently I'm unable to wear any underwear or briefs and it has been 4 days after my surgery. How long does the sensitivity last? Mine is just killing me! The slightest touch would shoot a bolt of pain through my penis! So anyone could tell me how long does it take to start wearing my briefs again?! It's driving me crazy!

You will find lots of differing answers on here, for me it was quite some weeks.

Wearing a soft dressing gown around the house and tight briefs with padding when I went out. I would resort to painkillers when needed. it does get better.

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Yea but the issue is it hurts when the cloth touches my penis, wonder how long would I have to go bottomless. Need help with the sensitivity!! By the way, what kind of salt would be good to use for salt baths? Really stressed out from the sensitivity as I gotta head back to military camp real soon. Also is it normal for the area of stitching to be swollen and tender (like really sensitive) to touch? And lastly, I'm not really getting the skin peeling of the glands that most people on the thread said they are experiencing, was hoping that would happen real soon for desensitising.

If you use a dressing to keep it still yes it will hurt when applying but once applied the lack of movement should reduce the pain. People recommend sea salt but ordinary table salt will do. Warm water not hot and do not soak for to long at first. The stitched area will be a little swollen but if it does not subside you should consider going back to your Doc'. The skin on the head you mention is, I think, Keratin. This takes a while to build up and will desensitise the head. To be honest, I am trying to delay this process by using Cocoa Butter. Yes it means I am still sensitive to pain but I also want to remain sensitive to the gentle touch !

If you have to go back to camp I suggest you visit the Medic' and at the least be assigned light duties.

I work in a factory and was off for 12 weeks on the order of Occupational Health Nurse.

Good luck

Alright, really appreciate it for all your advices and help man! Will see what I can do about the kerantinization, thanks! And btw do anyone knows any brand of briefs or padding or where to buy them for the crotch area in briefs? Would appreciate it!

For the briefs you could try 'jockey shorts' in a smaller size than normal, but a dressing such as melonin will help.

One suggestion I read but never tried was delay spray, this is designed to help you last longer when having sex but it works by desensitising the penis so it may help to reduce pain ?

Hey, I'm 21 and recently had my circumcision 2 weeks ago. I am suffering from hypersensitivity on the head for which I am looking for answers here. I found a lot of good advice here, but I had yet to find a solution to do with the hypersensitivity of the head other than dealing with it and bearing with it for months. I am going crazy over this, wearing any type of boxers or briefs brings me great discomfort. But I found a temporary solution to help to deal with it. I used the waterproof tape given to me to tape my penis up, but I found another use for it. I tore a slim piece of the tape and pulled up any remaining skin over the head and taping it shut, recreating a foreskin. With that method done, I can wear underwear and pants, I can walk and go places. The few bummers about that are the adhesive on the skin may irritate it over time, when you need to pee you need to open it and maybe apply a new tape for the adhesive may wear off, lastly for the issues, are boners, they will hurt just like without the tape. I also found the artificial foreskin "Manhood" that will help cover and heal the penis after surgery, but I fear that will only increase sensitivity. I guess comfort is the issue during the healing process throughout everyone's concerns.

The tape is an idea I never thought of, but of course it relies on having enough skin left to pull up. Some people suggest wearing a condom. But as you suggest prolonged use may increase sensitivity. For me to, it hurt like hell for a good while but it does improve.

Hey everyone...

My name is Gerry and I am finding comfort in reading everyones experiences. I am absolutely miserable after getting a revised circumcision 6 days ago. I have stitches only in the bottom area because of a botched circumcision [ using the shang ring ] done July 24. My biggest issue is the stitches. I feel as if my penis ran into a cactus and the needles are stuck. Im scared to do basic things like throw out the trash or wear pants. I wasnt prepared for this. Im devastated.

Sounds like you been through the wringer !

If you have had a Circ' before you know it can be a tough time, but it does get better. Do not be afraid to take painkillers if needed.

First of all, much love & appreciation @Jaglad for starting this post. It’s been exactly 2 weeks since my circumsion. First week was a living hell, I couldn’t walk due to the extreme hypersensitivity that I had. Honestly, it got me depressed since I had to stay in bed all the time. The sensitivity starting going down at day 8. It’s still bothers and it can get painful with awkward touches. Daily I wrapped my penis in gauze with lots of neurosporin around the head. This helps a lot & makes be able to walk. I’m 28yo I had this surgery due to Phymosis. I’m petrified if this sensitivity doesn’t get any better. @jaglad have you got any improvement on ur sensitivity? How long was been for you now?

Hi and thanks for the 'big up'

I think I mentioned previously, I managed the pain by wearing tight pants which kept things still as I found the movement created the pain. The pain will decrease but unfortunately for this to happen you have to experience some discomfort until the head becomes accustomed to it's new lifestyle. Try playing the flow from a shower onto the penis, gradually increasing the pressure and directing more on the head. Painkillers where saved for when really needed so not to become dependant.

It is almost 18 months on for me and things can still be quite tender but it is always going to be a sensitive area.

Thing is, I do not want to be completely pain free as that means less sensitivity and there are times when I want that sensitivity !

Hey guys.. 4 days in.. one trick that really helped me with sensitivity was using a condom.. I strip it down length ways to make a sheet of plastic and use that to wrap around the head.. then I put on tight underwear.. it's like creating a make shift foreskin to prevent direct contact with the underwear.. hope this helps..

Hi, stumbled across this comforting thread. I had my circ done 7 days ago. It's healing well and the stitches have started to slowly dissolve. It seems to be healing all well except for one thing. When I pull my skin a bit to have a look at the stitches, a strong, pungent smell hits me in the face. There is no puss, no yellow liquid etc, just the smell. I shower twice a day and make sure to soap the area around etc but the foul smell persists. Did anyone else have this? There are no other signs that may suggest infection. Do you think this could be one? Thank you.

Be careful with the soap. Use very mild or better still use salt water.

If you do use soap, give a good rinse.

hey guys, may I ask you how it is for you sex after circumcision? Do you last longer??

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Sex is a bit of a mixed bag.

At first it was amazing, after six weeks without it had to be !

Yes generally I do last longer but that is probably due to me having less feeling now. The biggest down side for me is if I lose my Erection, for whatever reason, I now find it more difficult to regain it.

That is definitely something I would like to change ?

Circumcision is not a happy operation. One should consider alternative treatment.

Circumcision is a surgical amputation of part of the penis. It is normal to feel pain during the surgical amputation, however this is usually eliminated by general or local anesthesia.

One may expect pain after surgery until the incision heals. Ask your doctor for a two-week supply of an opioid pain reliever.

One may also expect pain when the sensitive head of the penis is exposed to friction from clothing, etc. It is no longer protected by the foreskin, so there is not much you can do about it.

One may also expect painful erections, depending on how much skin was removed.

Depending on how much skin was removed, there may not be enough skin left to allow for shaft expansion during erection and this may cause painful erections.

You may also experience phantom pain from neuromas that form at the incision where nerves were severed.

Masturbation after circumcision may be painful if you don’t use lubrication because of lack of gliding action.

Hello, I'm 21 and have gotten my circumcision just today! Thank you for this thread; it's put me at ease. I'd still like to ask a few questions, though:

1. I've seen people say that the hypersensitivity can die down from anywhere between a few weeks to a few months. What's the average expectancy for this? I'm in college and I can't imagine having to sit out 2 months!

2. What's the best way to clean it? I read about a "salt bath" but found no real explanation on what to do. Any advice?

3. Any tips on what to expect? I know about swelling/night boners/bleeding/stitches coming undone - I just want to make sure before I needlessly phone my doctor because I'm worrying too much.


Hi Joe, Yes we all react differently to this surgery, when you start back at College and you will know if you are ready, I would advise wearing tight fitting underwear to keep things still. It is the movement which causes most pain. Do not be afraid to take painkillers when necessary. I would take a couple of Ibuprofen before any activity which takes the edge of it. You can also take paracetamol but check dosage.

I would wait til about day three, then have a short, shallow bath with the warm salt water, not to hot. Some people say to just swish it around in a jug of salt water, I prefer the bath as it gets other bits clean.

After about a week you can move on to mild soap, I used Johnsons baby soap. VERY gently pull skin away from wound to get it clean.

When you are ready move onto showers, slowly introducing the water flow to your penis will help desensitise the area.

Again the tight pants helped me to reduce night time erections, then thinking the most unsexy thoughts. A cold cloth pressed against it also helps ! A little bleed is fairly common, just be gentle and the stitches will be fine.

Good luck

Hi. I'm on day 7 now. When should swelling go down? My penis is still probably thickets than it is longer. Skin is covering stitches around the head of the penis and is a struggle to pull back to wash. Shall I just leave this along till swelling reduces? I had to have this opportunity due to tight foreskin. Currently due to discomfort and pain, I think I'd rather have lived with tight foreskin than have this.

That is the way you feel now but trust me down the line you will be glad you did this. I have read other people saying the same thing but then they come back a couple of weeks later saying how overreactive they have been and that they wish they had done it sooner.

The swelling is common and you should try to ice it either with a cold compress or an ice-cube. Also time heals all wounds and with this kind of surgery it is the same thing you need to wait a little longer maybe say 10 or even two weeks to see some of the swelling go down but it is not uncommon that sometimes it can take up to 6 weeks for everything to settle down or longer.

It is really annoying I can imagine. My surgery is Thursday morning and I’m a little scared but trying to keep in mind the end of the road result.

Good luck and hang in there man!!

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Swelling will gradually reduce and painkillers may help.

By now you should be able to have short shallow baths, salt water is recommended by many. You could also just 'swish' your penis around in a container of warm water and salt solution. This will help to clean the area and gently pull the skin back a little to keep it clean.

Take your time and do not rush it.

Cheers for the replys. Maybe I'm just being impatient, fingers crossed all calms down soon. Also when peeing, it's going everywhere, is this because of swelling or is this now how it'll be? I've returned back to work today. I'm feeling I should have taken a few more days off.

I had to smile when I read about your peeing problem. This, unfortunately is normal. How long it continues is anyone's guess.

For the first few weeks I would sit down where possible, but even now, almost two years on, my aim is not what it was. Occasionally I will have two streams in opposite directions !

You will get used to it, but there is no real answer.

As for time off work, I would definitely not rush back. I was off for almost three months as the Occ'y Health Nurse would not have me back until completely healed. But I read of men on here who went back within a week. If you have to go back, wear tight underpants to reduce movement, take pain killers if needed and do not over stretch yourself.

Ok Cheers jaglad. Back to the swelling. Is it normal to be that fat? Like as fat as it is long? Probably tripled in size. I checked on it earlier and there was a bit of blood and another form of liquid mixed with it. Not lots. Is this normal after 7 days.

The swelling is fairly normal, it has been through a traumatic experience And it will look different for a while. The blood is to be expected the other liquid you describe is probably from the wound site also. You do need to clean the area, give the salt bath a try. I also used mild baby soap.

Ok cheers. Had a salt bath with baby soap this evening. Washed it as much as I could, struggling to pull skin back. Currently sitting on the sofa with an ice pack on. Like you do.. will keep you updated. Thanks.

Jaglad, just been to see urologist. Turn out it's infected.. wonderful. Swelling shouldn't be like it is. Been given pills to sort it out. Fingers crossed next week or two it should heal nicely.

That really is unfortunate, it just shows how we all heal differently and there is no substitute for proper medical advice.

I hope the pills sort it and you get back on the road to recovery.

Good luck.

Jaglad I had my procedure done this past Tuesday and I must say I think I made a bad choice the sensitivity is outrageous and I don’t know if I can take this any longer ... Bonner’s are tragic no blood just swollen and tender I tried to uncover it as much as possible but at night I have to cover it with gauze or I’ll never sleep .. drying of the head is happening it’s really wrinkle now hopefully I’m on the road of desensitizing.. I just wanna fast forward to the end this is a nightmare ... if I knew it would be this bad I would’ve never messed with my Johnny boy

Hey man. Why did you do the procedure? Also just know that the nightmare will end. It has been 10 days for you and know that people are in worst situations than you. I’m only on day 1. It’s easy to regret it because of pain, the stress, all the annoying things that are involved because of that surgery (desensitization, no sex, no coming) that is the hard part and that can easily weigh heavy on somebody so it’s understandable but when you will be fully healed when you start reaching week 6-8 you will be glad you did it and that it is all behind you for the rest of your life as it is temporary and you will hopefully only have to deal with this once!! So hang in there and good luck man I completely get it!! Just has my first night and it’s horrible I know...

Oh I understand I’m on day 3 now and the swelling is going down no pain really just discomfort ... I can’t see my stitches thogh hopefully that’s normal

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Due to tight foreskin when retracted it will choke my jimmy out until he’s blue very painful

See that’s why you had to do it. Hang in there you did so that you will have good sex and no more pain later.

The fact that you can’t see the stitches is normal. The skin is swollen so it hides them. Don’t worry. Also when did you take your compression bandage off? Did you penis started to swell bad afterwards?

I took mines off the second day I haven’t showered just yet but I been washing it with salt water and peroxide to keep clean... it did initially swell but swelling goes down after a few hours of ice and prayers lol ... I will try and shower today because bathing in a sink is just too much work plus I want to start training the glans for action the sensitivity is horrible I thought it would be fine since when I was showering I can run the washcloth on it fine before

Sounds good. Good luck with your shower. I just woke up to massive blisters on my head, I don’t know what’s up with that. I will call the urologist today to try to see if that is normal..

I’m sure it’s normal the head has to get used to new lifestyle the foreskin kept it moist now without the head is trying to adapt... I will keep in touch as often we can get through this together

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My doc also removed it on the next day of surgery and asked me to bath properly and wipe the stitched portion.

Toon relating to NUFC?

What do you mean?

“toon”blastchampion. Sorry I thought Toon might mean you either a newcastle supporter or from Newcastle. Apologies if not related

Nah it’s actually related to the app/game lol

Oh lol ignore me then! :)

All sounds reasonably normal with your recovery.

The pain for some, me included, can be unbearable and I do wish I never had to go through it. Having done so I will never understand why some men do it for 'cosmetic' reasons ?

The good news is, it does get better. Try and keep it still to reduce pain from erections and keep it clean. Do not be afraid to take painkillers as required.

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Today was D day... confirmed I require the cut. As with most, I am both gutted and terrified. I have been reading this post this evening and although the fear remains the fact it shows the recovery is a limited time soothes me somewhat. Phimosis/Balantis is the cause, my cock is currently very sore with Cuts on the foreskin and I can’t retract it, I have been given a cream with anti-biotics, steroids and anti-fungal - praying this makes things bearable as sadly been told 4-5 months waiting list for the op. This forum will definitely help me, I will certainly share my journey when the time comes, its a relief in itself that I am not suffering alone

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This thread has been super helpful. It's been a month now since I had my op, and I dare say, I had it done purely for cosmetic reasons.I know it sounds odd.but in the part of the world where I live, having an uncircumcised penis is almost unheard of. I am in my late twenties and getting married soon.I Just had to have the cut.

I must say, my healing was pretty quick.yes I did have the usual discomfort due to sensitivity but it pretty much cleared up in about two weeks.dint have much if an issue with swelling, I guess i've just been fortunate. It's been quite a journey, but am glad with the regrets.

Best wishes to all.

Today was D day... confirmed I require the cut. As with most, I am both gutted and terrified. I have been reading this post this evening and although the fear remains the fact it shows the recovery is a limited time soothes me somewhat. Phimosis/Balantis is the cause, my cock is currently very sore with Cuts on the foreskin and I can’t retract it, I have been given a cream with anti-biotics, steroids and anti-fungal - praying this makes things bearable as sadly been told 4-5 months waiting list for the op. This forum will definitely help me, I will certainly share my journey when the time comes, its a relief in itself that I am not suffering alone

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Suraj92 in reply to CutRequired

I had the Op yesterday. Yesterday it took me 20 mins to pee as it wasn't coming out. From today morning I can pee properly.

I had my surgery yesterday. My doctor removed the dressing today and asked me to take warm bath and wash the area properly. Then asked me to use iodine solution and cream on the stitches. I am worried how long it will take to remove the stitches and how will I cope up with the ultrasensitive skin down there. It's swollen and I can see some blood there. Suggest me or share ur initial experience.

It will take a few days for the swelling to go down. The blood should not be a problem provided it is drying up and not flowing. I was advised not to bathe for a couple of days but was not told to put anything on it other than a dressing if needed.

I had short warm baths from day three, using salt water solution then very mild, baby, soap. My stitches where dissolvable and started to come out after about a week. The best way to cope with the sensitivity I found was to keep it still. I wore tight, jockey, type underpants with a melonin, non sticky, dressing.

It can be a long road but things do improve.

Good luck

Hi Guys.

I am 13 days post op and it's been a rocky road. Many fears and not knowing what is normal. I had to have antibiotics 4 days in due to infection. I'm hoping that is gone now as I have finished the course. The thing that is bugging me is that at the top, the skin is covering the incision line and the stitches and if I pull back slightly I have slight discharge, it is clearer now the infection is gone (fingers crossed) but obviously I don't want to pull it back too much and delay healing as it seems to be going slow as it is. The problem with this is that it can be a little difficult to clean entirely. the doc has taken a look at the overall job and says it looks okay but I'm not very good at the trusting doctors haha. Has anyone else had this kind of thing?

Also, on the right side, on the incision line, there was a gap where i could see flesh and even though the doc saying it was okay and normal, it was very very off putting, I took it upon myself to take some advice from other forums on here and apply a steri-strip to that area as when I got erections i feel like it was just re opening the wound and delaying the healing process. Since using the strips I feel a look better about it and it doesn't open up when I get hard now, I will keep using the strips though for now just for peace of mind.

It's mainly the fact that a lot of it has dried up apart from he top where the wound is being covered by he 'shaft skin' that is worrying me as obviously if there is still discharge then it is still open?

Many thanks in advance :) Hope everyone is well!

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jaglad in reply to bxnji1998

At thirteen days I would have thought there would be no discharge.

You really need to try and avoid erections for a while so you can heal properly. Try tight fitting pants to reduce movement and think unsexy thoughts.

For cleaning go for short shallow warm baths using a salt water solution and jiggle it about a bit in the water.

Good luck

I'm 25 years old, my foreskin is going forward and backward in unerected condition & in erected condition after my penis was wet its going forward & backward by little pressure, can i have any problem dusring sex ?

Also when pulling foreskin back the inner part called glan at the end is also red, can i nedd any medical treatment ?

sorry for bad english.

No, you should have no problem during sex. If the foreskin does not pull back easily then it may pull back naturally during intercourse. The first time it may feel tight but you can usually gently pull it back up when you need to. With regular stretching it should become easier to move back and forth. My foreskin was tight when I was younger but I had no problem having sex or fathering children. As I say the first time it pulled back during intercourse it did feel tight but this became less over time.

The glands is naturally a dark pink redy colour so providing you not sore or itchy you probably have no problem.

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NISHANT_SOLA in reply to jaglad

Thanks sir.

but after Masturbation it's little pain when pulling foreskin back to original position & also touching the glan makes little pain, and also then after that the foreskin not easily going forward and backward in erect condition for sometime likely for 1-2 days, but when unerected its easily moving.

Also my foreskin is little more ahead of the glan, which sometimes stuck and not pull back properly, but after the glan can sore it stick with glan and not going to its original position and i need to stretch it. its normal or i need any exercise.

Again thanks for helping me.

The fact that you can move the skin back and forth, although with a little pain, means there should not be any permanent problem.

The glands can feel a bit sore when touched, it is a very sensitive organ. Which is one of the reasons sex feels so good. With more exposure the glands should become less sore to touch.

Yes, I think that with regular foreskin stretching exercises it should become easier to move back and forth.

A little lube around where the skin and glands meet should make it a little easier to pull back.

Good luck

Hello all and thank you for this very helpful post!!

Similar to most of you I got very little information on recovery and what to expect after circumcision. On day 8 now and recovering well, there was a bit of a horrible smell the last few days until I found this post and washed the little soldier in salt water for 2-3 mins which seems to have cleared it up. I was recommended not to shower for at least three days and even when I did on day 4, I couldn't bare to wash the thing so it only got water on it, but the salt has now done the job. I'm also finding the tight boxers much more helpful now I'm back at work. The doctors recommended loose clothing but like most of you, that allowed more knocks and scrapes and was actually more uncomfortable, so I'm on to tight fitting boxers at work and practically nothing at home to allow the wounds to get some air.

I'm 24 and feel like my recovery is going a lot faster than what some people have described, so hopefully youth is on my side with this! If you are young, it seems to be better to get this over with sooner rather than later. I see a lot of people had the dressing on for a while after the op, mine came off about an hour after I woke up from the anaesthetic so it seems we are most definitely all different.

Still very swollen, bruised and a little sensitive, however I have always been able to pull my foreskin back when flaccid (just not when erect which made for some very painful sex). When I tried stretching techniques and creams I did leave it pulled back in my trousers while out and about and I think this started the desensitizing process many months before the op - so if you are reading this before having an op and can pull it back, I would recommend as it will prepare you for this.

Nightmare night boners are the worst thing about this whole process for me, I haven't had a full nights sleep in almost a week now, so thanks for the no drink in the evening advice, I'm going to try that out tonight.

I am finding weeing a little hard as it is projecting out at speed and in all different directions at the moment - has anyone else found this to be a problem? I'm not sure if its just down to the swelling around the head.

I hope all your recoveries are going well, all the best.

Good to read things are going well for you. Yes peeing is a problem for many of us. Aim will improve but I still find it can be variable, for the first few weeks and whenever possible I would sit to wee.

If you have any penile nerve issues there is a good creme available called Man1 Man Oil that will help. It contains proteins like acetyl L carnitine that will repair and damaged nerve endings and bring back a lot of lost feeling. It helped me out bigtime. Keep it in mind.

Hey jaglad, your forum has helped immensely and reading how many of us are out there recovering and have recovered from this procedure. I had my circ done 9 days ago. I’m 36 years old and suffered from phimosis my whole life. However, the past couple of years my condition has worsened. Having sex with my wife or even masturbating caused my outer forsaking to tear in small spots feeling like paper cuts. It healed fine but happening over and over, proved to be problematic.

Let me describe my experience thus far. The day of my surgery and up until day 3 when the bandage was instructed to be removed if it didn’t fall off by itself and run water over my penis in the shower. This is the 4th time in my life that my glans was completely unsheathed. The hypersensitivity was the worst part. Not even the incision line. The fact that if even a small brush on my pants or even air would be too much for me to bear. At that point, unfortunately I couldn’t walk naked around the house because of privacy. But if I could, I’d go bottomless throughout this whole ordeal. I couldn’t. So I would either slouch over a little bit or pull my pants away from my jimmy, or both. I’d waddle around slowly because the swelling is the killer now from day 6-9 the swelling was squeezing the bottom of my glans and the dissolvable stitches are still in. Causing this pressure right on the glans. Making it very uncomfortable. The swelling is still there. I went to the er on day 7 because I was seriously concerned about the pain I was still experiencing and to check out if my frenulum was infected from the sutures because the night boners will destroy your soul!!! Night 8, I woke up 4 times in the middle of the night because of my boners. What made it really bad was when I would involuntarily flex my penis and it would throb like no ones business. The sutures aren’t allowing my swelling to be relieved somewhat and it’s killer!! day 8 I had a visit with my urologist. After inspecting my junk, he determined that I’m healing fine but slowly. He ensured me that the swelling is normal and varies from person to person. I should expect the swelling to subside within a week or two. Hopefully. I’m peeing fine. And had labs taken of my urine which showed no evidence of infection. It’s the swelling against my glans with the sutures holding the pressure right up against my helmet. That’s what is causing my the pain because of the sensitivity as well.


For all the guys that get this procedure and are reading this while you’re within your first week of the op, head hypersensitivity will make you question your decision of getting cut and regret it immensely because you feel it will never die down. Rest assured, it will get better as your little mushroom toughens up while he receives his new training with out his skin to protect his wimpy self. At first, while sleeping during the first night of taking the bandage off, my guy couldn’t even rest on my leg while flopped over to the left because even resting on my leg, my head was wayyyyyyyy toooooooooo sensitive. It gets better fellas. I’m on day 9 and my pants can rest on him. And he can limp over and chill out on my leg now. Don’t get me wrong. If he rubs on anything it will still make my winch. But give it time. He will prove himself a lot more resilient given the opportunity. I couldn’t even let water run down my body and run over my glans. That was too sensitive. Now he can have a waterfall all day. While there is still a lot of sensation there, it has went from. 10/10 sensitivity to a 8/10. And it’s actually a pleasant sensation.


it’s like getting a new fresh haircut, except in this case, a fresh new skin cut. I like the look of him. He stopped being a home hermit and came out to hang out. I just know that it will take several months before I can really enjoy his company. And that’s ok. My wife is deployed so I have ample time to recover and conduct physical therapy with myself.


drugs are good mmmkay! Don’t be scared to pop those pain killers. And the anti inflammatory Meds too. The crazy thing about me is that I have an autoimmune deficiency where I react with itchy hives if I’m exposed to cold temperatures. So ice would cause me to swell and itch. No ice for my Johnson cause it’ll cause it to get even more angry with me. So I’ve also been eating anti inflammatory foods and fruits. While my swelling is still there, it’s better than yesterday. Just do your best in not abusing your prescription meds. Growing a dependency on opioids would not be pretty, especially while dealing with a circ recovery.

Thank you jaglad, and thank you to the guys that shared. I hope this post helped at least 1 person. I know I still have a long road to recovering. But at the very least, I am beginning to feel a little better as the days go by. Thank you again. And keep in keepin on!

That is a very good account for anyone considering a Circ'.

One piece of advice I would add is to wear tight underwear. This keeps things still and less movement means less pain.

It does get better.

Yea I have some tight underwear, unfortunately, right now things are still a little swollen. Additionally, the swelling portion is of the skin underneath the glans, which makes it almost impossible to wrap up and snug away. On top of that, my glans is still too sensitive to be pushed up against any clothing. I just have to tough it out, and wait a little longer for the swelling to go down, and the sutures to finally dissolve. Until then, its pinching my pants away from my johnny, and bending over slightly.

I really do feel your pain !

I would use a non stick padded dressing smeared with vaseline between my tight underwear and penis.

This really did help to reduce pain. As you said, don't be afraid to use those painkillers.

Good luck

Thanks Jaglad, it's been a rough 9 days, but I really feel the worst is behind me. Soon I will be doing the Vaseline with pads.

How are you doing Jag? Its been a couple of years now. I just wanna know what I have in store years down the line. When did it really feel like you were yourself again? Has sex been better? I know that you preferred pre op sex but that was posted a while ago. Is it still really sensitive? an update would be greatly appreciated Jag. Thanks again

Recovery for me did take longer than I thought, initially sex was amazing but that was probably due to the lack of it while healing !

I built up some resistance to the pain by running the shower spray over it. Slowly increasing pressure and time. I still use cocoa butter to stop the head completely drying out as this is something I would like to avoid.

The head is still susceptible to slight knocks but I do want to keep as much sensitivity as possible in the hope sex remains enjoyable.

My Wife gets very wwet so sex is not a problem but masturbating needs plenty of lubricant or one of her silky nighties to aid movement.

My biggest problem is losing my erection during sex which was easy to get back before. I am trying some advice learnt on here and pegym to try and improve that.

Your surgery will soon be a distant memory but for me my foreskin is sadly missed. However the alternatives may have been worse ?

Thanks for your insight. Well, its the end of day 11 for me, and on my frenulum is an open woundish, because of the night erections. It keeps opening at night and it tries to heal but you know how that goes. Because of this ive noticed some gooey texture like gunk. Im really scared its an early sign of infection. My swelling has gone down slightly more than the previous days, and its still extremely sensitive. Im going back to my urologist tomorrow morning and well see what he says. I really hope its nothing but the wound seems more open than it should for day 11. Some more sutures have come out, and I cant wait for all of them bastards to dissolve. THeyre really annoying. Im still walking funny. Still pulling my pants away.

Right now, im not even thinking about sex. Im 36 and ive been with my wife for 8 years. im not hurtin for it at all. at least, not yet.

Im not looking forward to needing lube to beat it. I miss my foreskin, but medically, it wasn't doing anything but going to cause me problems in the future and causing painful rips in my foreskin when pulled back too far. I needed to get the circ.

Ill let you know how my doc visit goes tomorrow jaglad.

Always interesting to read how others are getting on.

Reducing those erections will certainly help healing, I am surprised not more advice is given. I guess it is not seen as a big issue.

Short warm salt baths should help with keeping the area clean.

The funny walk will carry on for a while yet. It actually helped me.

When I went into work to see the Occupational Health Nurse she would see me hobbling in and immediately sign me off for a couple more weeks !

HAHA, yea the funny walking is getting on my nerves though! I went grocery shopping and I was sitting in a motorized cart. People were looking at me like wondering what the hell is wrong with this guy?! lol

So it's day 13, and it still fkn sucks man. The swelling is there, the wound keeps opening on the bottom. It's drying out like a son of a bitch. My sutures are still in. Im still hypersensitive although it has gone down slightly. I am very happy to report that, the night time erections have become dramatically more bearable. Theres hardly any pain in that department which IM super glad about because that was probably the worst part. Im having trouble with recovery and its kicking my ass. Ive had one er visit, and two doctor visits in 13 days post op. Fear of infection, and other nonsense. Jag, dude, this fukn sucks big time. 13 days, and still hurtin. I wish I could have just dealt with the phimosis.

Fortunately, it seems to be getting better, just slowly. I have to bear with it a little longer. Ill keep you updated man. Thanks for the support.

Also, what did you do exactly for the salt baths. Please explain.

The salt bath is pretty simple, sea or normal household salt will do.

Just pour about half a cup of salt under the running water into your bath to dissolve it. Just warm not to hot and probably enough water to cover your dick as you sit. Give it a soak and a swish around for five minutes or so, then quick rinse with plain water.

You do not have to be to accurate but the salt will help to keep it clean and reduce chance of infection.

It is tough but you will get through it.

Thanks for the tip!

Day 16 post op.

I am happy to report fellas, im feeling so much better. One of my main concerns up until day 12 was the open frenulum wound. It was getting gooey and whiteish and yellowish shit was forming. I went to the doc, he said I was ok and he wrapped gauze around my pecker and taped him up then threw a jock strap on me. I have to say the freedom of being able to walk straight and not having to pull my pants away from me was incredible. I was hopping, walking my normal speed, and just straight estatic that I was normal-ish again. Until, I had to remove the bandage at night. The wound healed with the bandage and it took me getting into the shower to pull it off because it was WAY TOO sensitive and painful. When I finally got the bandage free from my wound I pulled off what skin was trying to form again and voila!, another open frenulum wound that's been more painful than its predecessors. I believe the main cause of this is because my frank would sit on top of my beans and the wound couldn't breath. So I put my Johnson in a sling!


I made a crude sling that consisted of the bandage tape around my waist, with mirasorb gauze folded between my pecker and jewels, and I used more tape to attach it to the tape belt I was wearing and held him in place. Johnny is now lifted up and able to breath to heal. It worked like a charm! I made a pee pee sling!

erections don't hurt anymore, just a bit uncomfortable because my stitches are still in and im anticipating them starting to fall out any day now. There is still swelling. But I can see clearly now where the doc stitched my skin together and its healing quite nicely. Theres a lot of drying out and shedding of skin. I presume its my body realizing that it was hypersensitive and now its going to create tougher less sensitive skin?

When jimmy brushes up against my pants it still sends a shockwave through my body. Its more tolerable, and it is a strange new and exiting sensation. Dealing with phimosis my entire life the only part that ever rubbed on my pants would be the tip of my head because that's as much as my skin would allow to be exposed. I wouldn't be able to put one finger in my foreskin. It was hell. However, the last 2 weeks have been hell too though.

Ive been thinking about sex more often. Not as often pre-op because im obviously still in my healing process. Im just saying Im happy the urge has come back even when incapable of doing anything. So, I know I still have my drive, and I know he still works. Im good. Now, I have to see how it will be actually masturbating or having sex. I know its going to be night and day. I hope either a. I like it more than having a foreskin, or b. I don't dislike it too much in comparison. I don't want to hate it...…

Overall guys, 16 days post op and things only really started to get better on day 14. Two straight weeks of hell it was for me. At day 11, I had already had 1 failed urgent care visit, 1 ER visit, and 2 walk ins with my surgeon, from fear of improper healing, pain, and the gooey nasty open wound shit. Things do get better. Im over the hump and I feel my life can actually begin. Ive been held down with shame, embarrassment, pain, anger, confusion, and straight up hatred because of my extreme case of phimosis. I should have done this years ago but I was too much of a coward. It was a dark secret ive held all my life and I can finally breath, and relax without that weight on my chest. Phimosis didn't just affect me physically, it affected me emotionally and intellectually also. There were countless times I lost my erection because of discomfort or pain that the phimosis was causing me. Enough is enough. So I opted for the circumcision.

Recovery is a bitch. I didn't know too much about circumcisions prior to the op. I only fell upon this thread by accident and was very happy that I did. But, I distinctly remember my doc during consultation saying, "you'd be surprised how well and quick the penis heals." HOLY SHIT! I was regretting my decision to get cut until day 14. YOU SAID IT WOULD BE QUICK! At day 16, I realize that I have at least another good solid 2 months to almost be 100%. Considering how poorly I was healing in the beginning.

Stick with it. If you guys had to get this for medical reasons, than that's the reason you got it. That's what I kept telling myself. I HAD to get this done. I had no choice. That's how I make myself feel better. Ill have more updates as days go on. But for now, if you read up to this point, thank you for reading my story. I appreciate your time very much. If you're in the early days of healing post op, stick with ….will.....get.....better.....

cheers guys!

Some really interesting views here, so glad I stumbled upon it. I am on day 7 today after having the operation due to phimosis. Days 1 to 3 I didn't really feel much pain as I was told they had also used a local injection whilst I was under the general. The bandage fell off within a couple of hours. I was given a few packs of bandages and told to place them inside my pants, this was ultimately a bad instruction as on day 3 the bandage got stuck to my stitch line on the frenulum which made it bleed. Day 4 and 5 were spent worrying about the look of the frenulum area as it has a few areas of swelling and generally just looks horrid. I was told to just run water down onto my penis but decided that wasn't enough to clean it correctly so day 5 and 6 had baths with no solution added. This made the "worry" area look a little better but still playing on my mind I've rang the hospital back up just for them to check that it looks ok. That appointment is today. The night erections are seriously a big issue over the last 3 nights. I will use the advise about no drinks after 6 today and see if that helps but last night I was woken 3 times with pain that I can only describe as someone putting needles deep inside my penis at different points. I started wearing briefs to keep it under control but moved to boxers, however I think today I'll go back to the more restrictive briefs. When I was told that circumcision was the answer it was put across in a way that "yea it will be fine, don't worry about it" I seriously think they should brief each person with all these potential issues before going ahead in a carefree manner. Following the advise on here I'm also going to bath for 2 or 3 mins in salt water each day, set an alarm for when I'm due painkillers/ibruprophen as I forget, use vasoline on the head to help not drying out too much.

I haven't drove yet so not looking forward to that, only 4 more days off work before I've gotto go back in...

I hope you do ok at work today. Its day 25 for me and im still healing. I had a bad recovery, but im passed the worst. The night erections fkn suck. There was nothing I could do to stop them. Waking up to such pain was unimaginable pre op. Now the only thing erections do to me is make me feel bad, because I cant do shit about it. I still have 5 stitches in, but 1-2 fall out everyday. im not in pain, but the swollen ring is still sensitive, and my glans is still sensitive. I have a while before I can consider myself back to normal, but its coming along. My frenulum wound was also a pain in the ass, but after I slung my guy up and allowed air for the wound, it scabbed over and it is now fully healed with new skin. I don't know what was worse, the night erections from night 1-9 or the gauze getting stuck to my frenulum wound and getting ripped off exposing a new wound at day 8. Just hang in there man! youll get there soon!

Thanks for the reply, seems that everyone has different recovery times and complications. My antibiotics have helped to reduce the swelling around the frenulum and must admit last night I only had 1 erection which was the best nights sleep yet. Don't think any stitches have come out as yet. Going back to the tighter brief underwear has definitely improved my mobility although a sudden movement can of course remind you to be careful. I hope we all heal as quick as possible so we can try to forget about this difficult time lol

Now on antibiotics as they think I could have an infection. They've swabbed the area to get results. Interestingly the doctor said to not use salt, just water and to keep the area dry.

Salt water seems to work for most on here, but if Doc' says just water. Try it first.

Remember no perfumed soaps and air or gently pat dry.

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BigRobb in reply to jaglad

I'm 18 just got this circumcision on may 31st and the urologist said it went well. i am swelling and the tip is super sensitive especially when touched and when rubbed any tips? no pun intended

Im day 45 post circ. Ive been able to wear boxer briefs for the last 2 weeks with no gauze to keep it in place. It is a strange feeling when I walk because my head is rubbing and its not painful or strange, actually its slightly arousing. I still have some swelling but its going down. I had a complicated recovery and I can now enjoying it. I still haven't had sex yet and your head will be hypersensitive for a while. Mine has gone down its much more bearable. just stick with it. I found that I had to go underwear less and pinching my pants away from my Johnson for the first 3-4 weeks. after that it was actually more annoying so I put him in boxer briefs and its definitely better. are you experiencing any problems right now?

Im about three to four months post op now , one thing i notice is i dont seem to get as hard as i used to before the op? It takes a while to get it up so to speak and just doesnt seem as big as it was before.

Anybody else feel that way?

jaglad profile image
jaglad in reply to CIRCMALEUK

Mine does actually look a bit bigger now but does not stay hard for as long and can take more 'persuasion' some times.

After 2 years, how have your penis healed?

All is good with the way it looks and feels. I daily apply cocoa butter to stop the head drying out.

I was cut 7 days ago. Still have swelling and incision is sore. Doc said to apply bacitracin to the incision three times a day for a couple of weeks. Not sure if I should do Vaseline after that. Is there anything I can to do hep swelling go down faster?

May not need the Vaseline by then but no harm in trying if you think you need it.

An ice pack, not applied directly, or a cold compress should help reduce swelling.

I'm just writing here because it's a really long thread and hoping it will revive.

I'm not happy with my circumcision in any way. I know before my surgery my doctor said that around 10 percent of nerves are in the foreskin so I stupidly thought I wouldn't lose that much sensitivity but I've basically lost the majority of my sensitivity and sex went from 10/10 to maybe a 3/10. I'm young as well which really sucks. It's not such a straightforward procedure as it's made out to be.

I also encourage everyone that feels like they were not given enough information about the surgery go back to their doctors to complain (contact them online). Because if you don't they'll never know that there are many patients that had a bad outcome from the surgery. Most guys just accept it and live in silence but the procedure of having circumcisions is not gonna go away unless we talk about our negative experiences. Especially here in Europe doctors have no idea about circumcision. They're only thaught how to do the surgery, not what it can do to one's sex life.

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jaglad in reply to CuriousQ

You are basically right. Doctor is only interested in your condition not future consequences. We should all be given access to any known information before surgery if possible.

“...the procedure of having circumcisions is not gonna go away unless we talk about our negative experiences.”

Sounds like campaigning.

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CuriousQ in reply to

It's not but if you check the forum in basically all of the posts members are suprised after having had their surgery done there are different techniques and styles. Most also complain about the lack of information on how to deal with the after care. Most people also complain about loss of sensation to some degree.

Doctors are not well versed in circumcision. It's clear to see by all the botched jobs on here.

You just don't like the fact that alot of men have had very negative experiences of circumcision and that it's a very uneccesary procedure. It's like having a nosejob with a perfectly functioning nose. It's just something the individual is fixating on. But of course adults can do what they please.

in reply to CuriousQ

Huge exaggerations here and some sweeping statements if I may say. Being circumcised in Denmark(?) seems to have made you an authority on the surgical skills (or in your opinion - lack of) across the entire continent of Europe.

I can understand being bitter about your own experience and early on, as I recall, you did take some responsibility by admitting you didn’t research enough e.g. Google and by asking the surgeon about the outcome.

Unfortunately I don’t see that constantly carping on about it on this forum will fix your problem.

Given that the forum is about advice and emotional support, where does your post meet these aims?

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CuriousQ in reply to

I would say I'm fairly objective. I'm just honest with my own experience. I'm fine if someone wants to do the surgery but it's not as cut and dry as you usually claim. From what I've read MOST guys say yes they lose sensitivity, it's just a matter of how much. Some say alot some say a little. I've seen guys saying only removing the frenelum made them much less sensitive. Ask jaglad for example.

Most circumcisions on here are pretty ugly to be honest. Most by the British NHS doesn't look good in my opinion. The only circumcisions with a good outcome (cosmetically) is with private clinics. Otherwise the scar is usually thick, uneven, the doctor removed too much skin, didn't discuss different styles with the patient. The doctor is supposed to be the expert on his field not the patient, even if the patient needs to do his part as well the doctors basically doesn't even go through the surgery during the consultation.

I did Google a lot but it's basically this website that exists and it's locked unless you sign up so I didn't really check here. I checked non English speaking sites but after having read 500 pages nothing about styles or anything came up which means the doctors never informed any of those patients neither. It would be better if pictures were locked to non members and the rest of this forum was open.

Where does your post(s) help with ‘advice and emotional support’?

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CuriousQ in reply to

I give plenty of advice. I'm not gonna lie and tell people that a circumcisions is great when I don't think so. Some pro circumcision people on here say circumcision is "proven" to give health benefits and increase sexual pleasure, but that's plainly not true.

I'm honest about my own experience and what I've read here and I discourage people from going through with a surgery they don't need. I'd say people like you are much more pro and biased than I'm anti-circumcision. I don't care if adults have a circumcision, but I'll give my own opinion on it. Then it's up to them to do what they want. Is that not advice?

While it may be just one of your many opinions, I object to your suggestion that I am biased or pro circumcision. It’s not justified, I’m neutral, take it back.

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