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Spots / Acne Help

Hi guys, I don't need help however this may help other people:

I'm 14 and I had really bad acne, on my forehead, chin and under my chin. I went through so many creams and face washes but basically none of them helped. If you have this problem try sudocream, I used it for bites from NATs and I saw it helps with acne. It made my spots less red and flattened the bumps so they were hardly noticeable. Please try it I'm sure everyone has sudocream somewhere laying around but I never realized that it would help so much. Tell me if it works for you, I'd really like to know. Hope this helped. Also exercise and sweating I think helped me, try working out as well if you don't already.

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Good call with the Sudocrem. Treats lots of skin problems.


Hi!!! Apart from exercise I would like to add that water is very important for the skin when it comes to acnes and pimples in general. However, I have found that sweating oftne makes it worse in my case. I agree that sudocream is very good. However, I guess different creams or ointments react differently to different types of skin. In my case Melacare cream justdoc.com/medicine/melaca... works like a dream. I literally have to use it for two days and they are gone. I have dry skin. so i think it is best for dry skin i dont know about the other types of skin.


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